100 % Natural Love

Autumn calls for picnics in the woods & apples & jam!! This is why the other day I went on a little adventure, enjoying the last rays of warm sunlight. I also made plum and pomegranate jam, and let me tell you it was delicious!! I’ve been very keen on making jam recently. I find it so … More 100 % Natural Love

Easter Table

 Hello and Happy Easter everyone!! Finally Easter day has arrived!! (I’ve been wishing you a Happy Easter for more than a week now). Anyways, today is a special day with a lot of familiar gatherings (at least in Spain) so I had an idea for this post. In the previous post I showed you how to decorate some easter … More Easter Table

Easter DIY

Hey guys!! Today I’m BEYOND excited about this post (you can’t even imagine)… it started as a lazy idea and now I’m super happy about how it turned out. I think that Easter is an amazing time to be with the family and to have a rest of that annoying, but necessary, routine. And I ask myself: Is there anything better than … More Easter DIY

DIY Walnut Candle

I am already excited for spring to come. I’m one of those people who thinks that after Christmas it’s spring… yeah, and that’s not exactly like that since January and February are the coldest months. Anyway, today I decided to do this beautiful and easy DIY to decorate my room with some cherry blossom scented candles. You’ll … More DIY Walnut Candle