Four Months in Australia

After four months in Australia I’m still looking for that something that makes me feel that life is much more than collecting months. Truth is there’s no need to keep looking for answers, they are not here.

It’s funny how everyone likes to talk about how much travelling makes them change, yet I’m the same. Sure I’ve been learning and experiencing new things, but I’m still the same. Same skin, same bones.

When I started this journey I really wanted something inside me to click, I wanted to feel different somehow. I wanted to say: Hey! I’ve been brave enough to live on the other side of the world and now I feel wiser and I know the path I want my life to take.

If anything, I just came to reafirm who I really am. And, no, I still haven’t decided my future yet.

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So, travelling doesn’t change you. I got it.

But what I didn’t know is that travelling (for a long period of time and solo *going for a weekend to Paris with your friends doesn’t count*) allows you to be pure, raw. It allows you to return to your original self.

Being out of context makes you start building your life from scratch and every decision you make is not based on how others expect you to react but on how your inner self wants to react. No one is watching so it only makes sense that you’ll end up doing what you really -really- want to do and therefore your purest self is manifesting.

Processed with VSCO with c1 presetSince I’m here I realized how spanish I am (I guess), how much I value my culture and traditions. How proud and lucky I am to be from a civilised, beautiful country full of colours and history and fascinating places that have nothing to envy to Australia.

We like to romanticise travelling, cuz that’s what everyone does, cuz we read millions of quotes about how life changing it is and how trascendent it is, cuz we keep scrolling through beautiful pictures and exciting videos of other people who seem to be spending the best time of their lifes while we are sat in front of our gray desks in our apparently boring lifes convinced that being there would make us happier.

Processed with VSCO with c1 presetPerhaps our boring lifes are not that boring and our gray desks just need to be shaken off the dust with new exciting projects. Perhaps travelling is thrilling and for sure it brings you to unexpected situations and places that will forge you as a stronger person.

But don’t be fooled by all of those who tell you that if you don’t travel you’ve only read the first page of the book called life. Travelling implies tears and feeling lonely and lost. Travelling implies boredom and self doubt and taking decisions. Travelling implies a lot of money that you’ll have to earn at some point. It implies to deal with incompetent people and of course you’ll meet some new friends, but you’ll also (most of the times) will have to say goodbye.

A part of me is already thinking about my next adventure in the antipodes, but a part of my soul is also longing to come back home. I’ll keep you updated!



10 thoughts on “Four Months in Australia

  1. I love this post so, SO much. It’s so well-written, and I couldn’t agree with you more. I studied abroad in France during college with a program I knew no other kids from my own college would go through and it was exciting to just be myself, no one knowing my past or present

    And that last bit, I can’t tell you how true that is. I, like most other millenials and people in general, like to dream of all the places I’d go if I didn’t have to sit at a desk 9-5, but if I’m being honest I think there are ways to live an exciting life and try and see new things without leaving where you are. It’s a different mindset, but it’s totally possible, and I’m trying to take that perspective each and everyday.

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts – always been a fan of your blog!

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    1. Omg thank you so much for this comment!! I really didn’t want to be negative but thought that I needed to say the truth. Ofc travelling is amazing but with it comes a lot of other things that are not that dreamy… and it’s okay. I hate myself for dreaming about it all the time when I could have been really enjoying my life with what I already had! Thanks for reading, it means a lot xx Much love ❤


  2. There is a huge difference between travelling and ending up living somewhere for an extended period of time. Travelling gives you permission to try new things, go beyond your comfort zone, and escape the reality of day to day life. Hence why it is romanticized so much. Living abroad means that you just shifted your day to day reality to someplace new, yet you still have to do things like pay bills, go to work, go for grocery, etc, which is where I find it definitely loses a lot more of that rose coloured glasses feel. I noticed this huge difference between the two when I compare my time backpacking through Asia vs living in Australia, which are two very different travel experiences.

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    1. I totally agree with the appreciation! Thanks 🙂 While I think it’s true that both are super different experiences I think that travelling in general doesn’t change you… at least that’s my experience. Thanks for leaving a comment 🙂


  3. I also believe that if ever we have to make our travel experience count, then we must travel alone, because then only we are going to give ourself a chance to be with us and explore our journey the way we want. Yes traveling is not everything in life and yes nowadays it has become a costly affair to, but the excitement and journey for sure enriches our life.


    1. I agree it enriches your life, it’s been an amazing experience so far! I just wanted to transmit the idea that people have an ideal picture on their minds about travelling the world and reality is much different! Thanks for reading 😀 Hope you have a lovely day xx

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