Principles for Creative Minds

Inside a creative mind there’s a lot going on; a lot of ideas, colours, textures and images that get stucked in our heads until we can find the way to get it out in different infinite ways.

But not all that glitters is gold, there’s also a lot of self doubt and insecurity, there’s fear to be misunderstood, fear of failure and the worst one: fear of indifference towards our work.

During these past months I’ve been creating a list to remind myself that anything I want to do I am capable of. Don’t just read the list, take some time to process every sentence, as they are the real clues to succeed in anything you want to achieve and you are scared of.

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Everything I create is unique for the simple reason that I’m unique myself.

This helps me constantly when I feel overwhelmed by the thought that everything has already been created. Then I think: Wait! It may exist, but not under my point of view. Which is always relieving.

You can only connect the dots looking back.

This is something it always creeps me out, how everything is there for a purpose and a reason. You can’t see it right now but in some years, when you’ll be able to recognize that everything (the good and the bad) happened for a specific matter, and without it you would never be the person you are today!

To create good stuff you first need to create a lot of crap.

This is the truth. You will only reach perfection by practise, and to practise you need to create a lot of crap. That’s okay, we all create crap constantly! The good news is that someday you’ll be good enough to name your crap a masterpiece.

To create original content you need to step back for a while from the others work in order to find your true thoughts.

This one is very important as it’s very easy to be constantly looking for inspiration on the Internet. If you want to create real, raw, unique content you’ll need to step back from the work of others as your mind will most likely want to copy them. Take some time to look into yourself to find what you really want to express with your work.

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If people don’t understand what you are doing it doesn’t mean you are going the wrong way, it just means you are going on a different way.

Being different is never something bad, some people see difference as an offence to their beliefs, but that’s their problem not yours. Keep doing what your heart tells you to do.

You need to be willing to leave your all for it.

When you have a project, you can never expect it to be done or perfect without putting more hours than you own. Success takes a lot of time, effort, tears and sweat, but in the end is going to be the best reward. Easy things will never make you feel accomplished.

Most of the people settle for mediocrity, you need to keep being demanding and looking for perfectionism in your work.

This is something I’ve been spotting for the past years. I see how many effort you can put in a project, how you work with every detail and you repeat it again and again until you get exhausted and when you present your work half of these details get unnoticed. That’s okay, eventually someone will appreciate them!

If you want something, go for it. There’s nothing impossible and the world is full of oportunities that someone else will take if you don’t. You’ll never lose anything to try.

We sometimes tell ourselves that we can’t do things, it’s how our brain works. We are naturally lazy, so if there’s a little chance that something can go wrong our brain will tell us not to even try and that’s WRONG!! We need to try despite failure, nothing is impossible.

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To err is human and to rectify as well.

One of our major deffects is that we are human. We all make mistakes and that’s okay as long as we are willing to rectify.

Never say that you are not capable of something or that you don’t deserve something. You are capable of anything you propose and you deserve everything good that happens to you.

Telling yourself that you can’t do something will only increase the possibilities that you end up not being able to do it. We are selfish creatures, so if you are unable to believe in yourself don’t expect others to do it.

We all have a little place in this world to shine.

Thanks God everyone is different which means that there will always be space for your ideas.

You can never please and like everybody.

Hater’s gonna hate and there’s nothing you can do about it, so keep working on what you believe is worth it.

If you don’t suceed in something you need to try again. Failure is part of the process.

Failure is part of the process of life. Without failure we would never learn anything. If you fail, keep it easy, move on. Don’t get stucked in what could have gone right.

If you don’t feel inspired try to do other things such as reading, travelling or learning new skills… all these things will open doors in the future.

We all lose our inspiration sometimes, that’s normal, our brains need to disconnect once in a while. If that’s you right now, don’t worry, don’t even think about it, it will come back for sure. Meanwhile you can always learn new skills for the future.

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Be ambitious.

There’s nothing wrong about it as long as you respect others. Being ambitious will help you to always want to make things better.

Think globally, act locally.

It may seem not such a cool quote, and I know that it’s usually related to the environment, but I like to give it another meaning: it makes me believe that if I have a big idea that makes me feel overwhelmed I can always make it look smaller and approachable by acting locally.

You need to trust your instinct.

There’s something inside us that knows what’s best, I don’t really know how it works but sometimes you gotta trust it even if you don’t find a reasonable explanation to what you are doing.

Everyone has fears, complexes, insecurities and doubts.

It’s easy to fall in the trap that you are the only one doing wrong. But the truth is that even successful people feel like that constantly. One has to deal with all the bad feelings and overcome them. That’s what we all do.

It’s only real when shared. Put it out there! If you create something share it, create a blog, post it on instagram, on facebook, scream it out loud! Is the only way to find someone interested in your work (and believe me, there will always be someone interested).

If you create something and leave it on your desk no one will see it, it will be as if it was never created. Keep your fears inside and show to the world what you have to offer!! Remember that you have nothing to lose and everything to win.

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Note: Pictures from the 12 Apostoles, taken in my last roadtrip to the Great Ocean Road!



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