Palm Beach Diaries

Our excited souls woke up with the first rays of the sun on our faces, we’d been planing to go to Palm Beach for forever but found that never was the right time for it.

Packed lunch, ate breakfast, sunscreen on. All ready!

Jumped on the bus early in the morning. It took two hours to get there. We were tired, we’d been working for the whole week, but when you just have one day off, you know you want to spend every second of it on a new adventure.


By the time we got there our batteries had died and my tears dried. Feelings are complicated and show up when you don’t even expect it. I reckon I was too tired and had been strong for too long, my stress needed to release somehow, somewhere. So I cried all my tears in that bus.

The bus let us in the middle of a beautiful nowhere, I couldn’t understand why such a charming and accessible place was in such a calming and overwhelming silence. We breathed the air, the wind was blowing violently against our skin. The ocean looked mad and the sun seemed oblivious to that scene.

Started walking to the lighthouse to see the stunning view over the bay. And we sat on a rock for a while just contemplating the views, feeling small in this beautiful world.


Went down again, feeling blessed and radiating sunshine on our faces. As we sat down on a bench it came to my mind that sentence I used to repeat myself over and over again when I was at home “You need to get out of your comfort zone” just to realize I’ve found another comfort zone, here, in Australia. A comfort zone that happens to be out of my comfort zone… So I don’t believe anymore in getting out of comfort zones but in learning how to build them within myself instead.

And so we ate lunch and laughed before catching that bus that would bring us back to reality.

Wherever you are, be all there.



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