Snapshots of My Life in Sydney

This is Australia to me:

The strings of a guitar trembling behind the walls. The wind carries the melody and makes it dance around the room until it disappears in a whirlwind of notes drowned by those who play.

Decorating the ($5) Christmas tree while listening to Christmas songs on our pyjamas.


The sweltering summer that arrives late and fills the atmosphere of humidity and little insects that ramble around, their buzzing gets confused with the notes of an improvised song that plays over and over again.


Gold rays of sunshine that touch our skin and the sand that sticks to our hair. Salty humans lost in the middle of a dream we are not ready to let go.


Planning adventures at midnight. Dreams that are held in our journals by traces of indelible ink.

Lonely streets and noisy beats of messy hearts and thirsty souls. Minds full of questions and doubts. No answers but time.



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