A Picture of My Life in Sydney

So there’s me, walking down the street on a sunny day. I’ve got my music on, I feel no rush and no pressure. Just me and the world. I walk light as a feather cuz I have this freedom that makes me feel grateful and I sing aloud cuz I don’t even mind what people think about me. I extend my arms like wings and feel the breeze on my skin. Life feels so good right now!

It’s nice to work hard to get money to live on your own. It’s nice to be awake, to be present, to feel alive. It’s nice to talk to people who are as lost and as human as you are. It’s nice to sit right in front of the ocean and realize that your other life is sitting right there, at the other end of the horizon, waiting for you to come back. And understanding that this new life that you’ve created is bringing you so much wisdom…

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But don’t be fooled by this image of myself. While it’s true that I’m feeling this way at the moment, I’ve been working hard to get to where I am right now. Australia is not a dream, the dreams are within yourself and you need to work hard to get them. No one is gonna pay for your travels or for your rent. No one is gonna be there to tell you what to do when things get messed up. It’s you who will have to figure out stuff, who will have to make decisions and take action.

Freedom is amazing, travelling is rewarding, new places are exciting, but everything has a price and everyone needs to figure out if that price is worth it!

Are you ready for this adventure?




6 thoughts on “A Picture of My Life in Sydney

  1. Love this, Anna. I love the genuine words written that reflect your desire to live a life full of peace and joy. I always feel so calmed down after visiting your site.. haha. Lovely lovely ❤

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