We Need to Take Action | Before the Flood

The air smelled like rain, the streets were humid from the night before, my feet started moving slowly for a few seconds and then kept moving faster through the lonely streets of Sydney. I zipped up my jumper, the wind was blowing strong against my skin and I started running faster, as if my movements could make me forget about the rainy clouds. My breath was getting confused with the loud screams of the birds flying around when I arrived to Queens park. The grass was wet and green and full of life.

I felt alive & I wonder…

How much time will it take us to realize that this is part of ourselves? This wet green grass is home, our home, as it is the great ocean that’s trembling beneath our skin and the high mountains covered in snow and the birds singing out loud and the rivers moving inside.

What made us forget that? Is it all about the money?!

When I arrived home I sat down, the pouring rain was fogging the window and couldn’t find any other thing to do than to watch a documentary that made me realize how unconscious and ignorant we’ve decided to be.

Before the flood is a National Geographic documentary directed by Leonardo DiCaprio about the climate change: Sea levels are rising, ice is melting and the weather patterns are changing drastically, nothing new but: Climate change is real guys, and that’s scary.

Although not everything is bad news, there’s also hope, we can make a difference. Every time we decide to buy something, to eat something, to do something… we are making choices, we are deciding what causes we want to support with our money and our time. For instance, did you know that palm oil production drives to deforestation? Did you know that in the US, 47% of land is dedicated to food production. Seventy percent of this land is used to grow feed for cattle and just 1% of that land is used to grow crops for humans?

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Have you ever wondered what would happen if we all would stop eating red meat? Or even go vegan? Or if we refused to consume products with palm oil? Have you ever wondered what would happen if we all bought ethical fashion? Or if we voted for people who actually cared?!!

We tend to fall into the trap. They tell us to consume and we do, cuz that’s how it works. We are unable to see that what’s actually happening is that we are addicts to the fossil-fuel energies. We are unable to see what we are destroying because we are too selfish to change our behaviour.

And climate change is not the only issue that I’m worried about. I just have to look at my grandparent’s pictures to see how much our world has changed in 80-50 years. It makes me so sad to see everything we’ve lost, everything we won’t be able to see or experience just because we decided to close our eyes and be blind.

But we are not blind. We can open our eyes again and see how beautiful is this world we live in. Do not listen to those who just look for their money, listen to your soul. Do what your heart tells you to do and never betray your inner voice. Please, don’t fall into the consumerism trap just because they tell you that you are gonna be happier, we all know that what makes us feel happiness inside are the simple and small things, the details.

We, together, can make a difference, we all have this power. The only thing we need is to just open our eyes again!

The greatest thread to our planet is the belief that someone else will save it.



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