First Month in Australia

Life seems easy in Australia and I’m starting to really enjoy myself here. The days are getting warmer and I’m slowly finding my comfy place in this chaotic flat (full of lovely people).

As I’m writing this, I’m sitting in front of the ocean (we have some beautiful views from the appartment) and I’m listening to this song that gets confused with the dance of the trees, shaking its leaves with the sway of the wind.


I’ve been thinking a lot about my first month in OZ, what brought me to feel like in a bubble the first week in Bondi, what made me feel uncomfortable when I moved and why I am happy right now.

The thing is that I’ve gone through so many changes that I feel like a whole year happened in just three or four weeks. Time is such a relative concept!

The first lesson that I’ve learned here is that I am capable of anything. I wanted to believe it at home but right now I can proudly tell you that I am.


Lesson number two is to get to appreciate what I have at home. I feel that I’ve always been appreciative about it, but now I am even more conscious of how lucky I’ve been in my life. Knowing that I can always come back, knowing that I don’t need to stay here, that it’s just my choice, that there are people at the other end of the world who will never give me their back, who will always be there for me. Knowing all of this makes me feel comforted when fear takes over my mind.

Another thing I’ve learned is to live with fear. The fear of the unknown, the fear to make decisions by myself and to accept the consequences, fear of success and fear of failure and fear of not knowing if I am doing the right thing and fear of the fear… But fear is a state of our minds, fear is not real and so I’ve been learning to ignore it.


Lesson numero cuatro: we are all lost. It’s fun to see how messy our heads are. It doesn’t matter where you come from nor your age. Anything really matters in this cuz we all have a chaos inside our heads and we are all trying to figure out what life is all about. I think I’ve been lucky enough to find some people who are as lost as I am and it’s nice to be accompanied with people that are in the same page as you are. This way we all are a little bit lost and a little bit found in our new improvised home called Australia.

My last lesson is to enjoy the road. I need to know that not all the time I’m gonna be happy, not always it’s gonna be easy (living at 18.000 Km from home will never be). But that’s okay, because that’s what makes it exciting at the same time! I need to enjoy the little pleasures of life, I need to absorbe the energy of this place, learn as much as I can, be present, meet people and listen more.


↠ Yesterday I went to the beach with some of my flatmates and I think it was the first day I felt real happiness inside. We watched a surf competition while lying at the beach and I realized that, that is what I needed all this time: a little bit of ocean time, mixed with laughs and picnics!! And tomorrow I have a trial for a job in a lovely juicery in front of the ocean. Life seems to be smiling at me right now.

Live in the moment & make it beautiful x




8 thoughts on “First Month in Australia

  1. How was the juicery? 😀 I’m pretty sure it will be alright! Reading this post just makes me realize how much I understand you. Like if you were some kind of mirror of my experience. I don’t know if you went to Australia for the sake of traveling, to simply have a change of your previous life or for self exploring. Maybe you are looking for something that you don’t even know what it is. You will find a lot of people along your path and a lot of travelers as well or even lovers. And here is my piece of advice: stay true to your intuition and take your time to focus on those who deserve not only your temporal company but your friendship. And the most important (and I know it is complicated) to live the present and try no to worry about the fact of what are you doing here and there, or what is it that you are missing. When your mind is calm and ready it will show to you! Una abraçadaaa

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    1. Saraa!! Quina il·lusió que m’hagis escrit 😀 Et responc en català perquè vull dir-te moltes coses i no vull deixar-me res!!! En primer lloc, siii crec que si que tinc la feina, però segueixen sent massa poques hores… això de buscar feina es la historia de nunca jamás, no s’acaba mai :S Ahir hem vaig tornar a llegir el teu “poema” d’Austràlia i crec que el vaig entendre a la perfecció i també hem vaig sentir molt identificada!! Vaig venir a Aus per canviar, perquè havia perdut d’alguna manera la motivació, perquè havia acabat la carrera i hem sentia una mica perduda sense saber quin era el seguent pas. I suposo que vaig cometre el mateix error que cometem tots: el de pensar que canviar de lloc ens sol·lucionarà la vida…quan en el fons tots els llocs només són llocs i les persones són les mateixes (o s’assemben molt) a tot arreu… De totes maneres no m’arrepenteixo gens d’estar aquí, és només que la realitat sempre és diferent!! Sens dubte estic buscant alguna cosa però encara no se ben bé el que. Hem va encantar el teu últim post a instagram, és algo que porto pensant desde fa temps, el no tenir metes, simplement anar complint somnis i anar obrint portes i vivint la vida. Tenir metes fa que ens oblidem de les petites coses… Merci pels consells, està clar que disfrutar del moment és difícil però poc a poc vaig aprenent!!! Espero que no hagi sigut massa dur tornar a casa 🙂 Un petó xx

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  2. I really enjoyed reading this post. I’m feeling exactly the same things. Sometimes I feel alone, because it SEEMS like most people know what they want and have everything figured out. So it’s comforting that there are others out there experiencing the same and who I can share my thoughts and feelings with. I’m actually planning to move to Melbourne in a couple of months, who knows I’ll meet you down under! Keep living life and thanks for your words. xxx

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    1. Ohh!! I’m always so glad to talk about being lost with people cuz it’s just then when I realize that we are all in the same page 😀 Thanks for this comment ❤ I'd love to meet you if you ever come!! Just message me. Much love xx

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