Thoughts in the Blue Mountains

Lately I’ve been having some upside downs. I guess the excitement of the first week is gone now. A little update: I’ve found a nice flat 20 min from the beach with some lovely flatmates and I’ve found a job in a lovely cafe 10 min walking from home. I’ve basically have built a new life in two weeks and somehow it feels boring and empty.

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I think I haven’t connected with Sydney and I’m the type of person that needs to connect with places to feel alive. So, what’s wrong? I’m not quite sure yet! Maybe it’s too early to make conclusions but I just have this feeling that this is not my place. Since I’m here I can’t write nor take pictures or film anything. I’m blocked. And again, I have nothing to complain about. I’m fine, I’m good.

Maybe my expectations were too high. Why would Sydney have to be different from anything I know? Maybe I’m too tired with this job. Maybe it’s too cold outside. Maybe it’s not as spectacular as it was pictured in my head. Maybe I can’t understand aussies. Maybe…

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And I’m learning, I know I am and I’m glad that I came, just to make sure I’ll never regret not coming. But my head is a mess right now and I don’t know which is the next step!

On another note, the other day I went to the Blue Mountains National Park. I think it’s worth to visit on Sundays, because you can get there for just 2,50$ (and that, my friends, in Australia, is a bargain)! And it’s always nice to walk a little bit in the woods and breathe fresh air.

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Don’t get me wrong, I don’t hate Sydney, I just don’t love it. And I want to be honest with you guys, I want to tell you the truth, or at least my truth.

I still have a lot of things to learn and places to visit and I’m sure that eventually I’ll find a little space in this country where I can feel myself, and if I don’t, I can always come back home and I’ll have learned from the experience!! I think that’s all for now, I wish I could be able to post more often, I’ll try to do my best to keep you updated.

We always regret the chances we didn’t take


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14 thoughts on “Thoughts in the Blue Mountains

  1. I can see where you’re coming from, when I lived in Australia I also found that Sydney just wasn’t my groove. I ended up in Brisbane for several months and really enjoyed my stay there, Melbourne and Adelaide are great, too! If you’re looking for some advice: go with your gut! You’ll end up finding a place that feels like home! Lots of love!

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  2. I think you should listen to your intuition Anna – if you’re not connecting with Sydney maybe move up north to QLD where you will have more consistent warmer weather and it will be cheaper. Sydney is unfortunately the most expensive state in Australia. You’re so brave for packing up your life, moving to a foreign country and getting a job. I really admire you!

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  3. I love the view and I hope to go to the Blue Mountains. Coming from from an Australian’s view Sydney can be a bit overrated and I feel like maybe deep inside you’ve realised. If that makes sense. I hope everything works out soon and you regain your spark 💓

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