The other day I went to the city center, I wanted to see the Opera House and as I’m a very thrifty person I decided I would walk two hours to get there!

As I was walking I was thinking how nice Sydney is, with all the residential houses and the centennial trees. There’s so many peace and silence. Sometimes it freaks me out but I feel like I’m in a safe place, so that’s fine.


Something I don’t like about this residential neighborhoods is that you have thousands of streets without shops and the communication between places is very bad. But I’m gonna get used to it. (Oh! And I also hate the Australian traffic lights, there’s no way I can understand how they work, I have to wait half an hour every time before crossing the street.)

So I walked alone through the streets of Sydney until I got to the stressing and busy center. I didn’t like it (I’m sorry). I think I got used to the chilled vibes in Bondi and getting to the center was nothing pleasant. I’m glad I didn’t start my trip there.


I wandered around the Botanical Garden and when in front of the Opera House I asked a girl if she could take a picture of me. She was alone so I asked her something and we started talking. That simple question led us to spend the whole day together talking and walking through the busy streets. And that made me think:

How in our hometown we are never open to talk to strangers or to spend hours talking to them and getting lost. While in the other end of the world (if you are alone) you have this need to talk to people, to communicate, to exchange stories and experiences and learn one from another. For instance, today I met a girl from Instagram and we had the loveliest picnic at the beach. See? When you are open you tend to find things that you are not looking for!! And here, in Sydney, every day is filled with serendipity.

Life is a series of unexpected events, unplanned laughter, unexpected tears, occasional sorrows and overwhelming joy!




6 thoughts on “Strangers

  1. I agree the center of Sydney has gotten far too busy! I’ve just moved to Melbourne for a slower pace. When i first moved to Sydney I remember waking all the way into the city just like you did. It was a bit quieter back then and i had just moved from London so it seemed so peaceful in comparison. There are so many great places to visit in Sydney. Take the ferry to manly and to watsons bay. Much cheaper than a harbour cruise and just as beautiful.


    Luanne – Exploring Wellness

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