08 Serenity | Summer 2016

Take time to do what makes your soul happy, to breathe, to wake up to the sun coming through the window, to eat breakfast in bed. Appreciate the colours of the sky and the ocean.

You may have problems or just not feel right that day, but take some time to just forget about thinking. Take time to be. There’s so much beauty around that sometimes our eyes are blind. We can’t see what we have in front because we are thinking of far away.

Something I’ve learned is to appreciate what we have, because time happens and never comes back. And I think about my childhood memories and I’m sad to think that it will never be like that again, the thought of my family reunited in Christmas, it will never be the same because some people are gone now and we only have the dream of what they were.

So please, please, appreciate NOW, beacuse it will never be the same.



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