Ethical Fashion • Conscious Tee

I came across Conscious Tee a while ago, scrolling through Instagram, trying to find something different and unique. I wanted a little inspiring company who promoted happiness and consciousness.

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I’m glad I found it. Clara, the owner of the little company, is the kindest person and she makes the designs on her own. She puts all her effort and passion in order to make the tees with love. She uses organic cotton, soft and comfy. And in her tees she promotes everything I believe in: enviromentalism, veganism, health, cleanness…and, of course, all the tees are cruelty free. Her aim is to promote all these values by donating 20% of their profit to charity and to inspire peope to live a happy and healthy life.

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Buying cruelty free and supporting little companies, like Conscious Tee, is something I’m very passionate about. Not only because I’m doing something for this planet but also because I’m helping inspiring people to pursue their dreams.

I haven’t been paid to write this post, as always, I try to be as honest as I can. Letting you know the companies and people that are making a good impact on this planet.

Think before you buy





23 thoughts on “Ethical Fashion • Conscious Tee

    1. Omg first of all thank you SOSO much for taking the time to read my blog!! And omgg it was youu? I saw someone bought the two magazines and the book and I got soo excited thankyou so much for believing in my dreams and projects!! I started the year with a lot of ideas but no one really bought (or cared about) the magazines so I stopped (also I had a lot of uni homework) :S But if you tell me that you enjoyed them I can start again!! I’d love to hehe I have too many ideas and projects in my head!! I’m so happy for this comment, thanks again it really means a lot to me, I can’t really express with words how happy I am right now hehe!! Hope you have a lovely week ❤

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      1. You’re so welcome!! I love your blog, magazines & ebooks! You’ve worked so hard on all of these things you deserve recognition! I’d love to see more and look forward to what you put out next! You too! ❤

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