04 Little Moments | Summer 2016

I like to collect moments and capture them, in pictures, in films, in dreams. I tend to live in those moments, always with an eye in the past and my heart beating fast for the future.

But I’m a romantic person, I like to think that the cover of a 90’s books is cooler than the ones we have right now or that a writing machine is a treasure or that film pictures are a lot nicer than the digitals. I like the old vintage clothes from my mom and markets with handmade stuff. I like the white brick walls, plants and flowers (of pale colours), old songs (the ones that I listened when I was younger, technically not that old, but still) and books (not ebooks). I’m basically an old lady trapped in a 21year old body!!

But I like to think this romanticism is what makes me appreciate a nice lamp, or the little rays of sunshine that come through the window in the morning and that turn gold in the afternoon. The little sparkles from the sun, reflected in the ocean, dancing like ballerinas. Things made with straw. Stones and gems…  Little moments, that in the end, make this world a more beautiful place.

Collect Moments



2 thoughts on “04 Little Moments | Summer 2016

  1. I found this post to be relatable! I thought I was the only one that really enjoyed white brick walls! All of the things you mentioned in this post are actually my aesthetic! I enjoyed the cinematic quality of your video as well! 💜😊


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