03 Living Now | Summer 2016

If a week ago you’d have told me that at this time of the week I’d have been consistent in something I wouldn’t have believed you. I was feeling lazy and unmotivated. But one day (last week) I woke up with this dream, this illusion, a cloud of ideas that suddenly made sense in my mind. And I started creating.

Creativity is not something you have all the time, it comes and goes and comes again and sometimes it gets lost in time, but eventually it comes back to you and you have to be aware, quietly and carefully waiting for that sparkle in your soul that opens doors you can’t even imagine right now.

That’s what happened to me the other day and I started creating these little videos. Something as simple and complex as finding the best moments of the day and record them so I can remember (when I’m old) how lucky I was to be able to just be.

I saw that sparkle of inspiration coming through the window and I smiled and let the magic flow through my veins.

Living the now is to catch that inspiration that moves inside you and pushes you to create and flow with it and create and then stare at the result with wide eyes. Yes, you did that!!

All we have is now


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