The Art of Being Alone

Being alone is usually regarded as something negative, something to avoid. It often carries this social stigma of being a looser, it implies isolation and the perception of not fitting into society.

It seems that enjoying your own company these days is not something to be proud of.


Thankfully and over the years I’ve had this pleasure of being alone, this joy of spending time with myself. As a kid I used to play a lot on my own and I would invent fantasy stories and endless games. I loved reading and painting and I had a lot of imagination. Of course, it was not all the time me and just me, I’m not an only child, I also used to play a lot with my brother and friends: Our little minds building castles with air.

But I grew up – we all do – and this solitude became something to be scared of. Would it mean I didn’t have enough friends? So I tried to hide this state of being alone by scrolling screens, and it felt less painful. But loneliness was still there.

Another thing that came with loneliness was boredom, a lot of it, and as a child it was fine, I never remember thinking I was bored when I was a kid. But when I grew up I had a lot of this perception, because I thought that everyone else was on thrilling adventures while I was still there reading and painting on my own.


So lately I’ve been thinking and learning and accepting things and I came to realize how wrong I’ve been in the past:

↠ Boredom is something essential for a creative mind. It implies to put the effort to think further to get out of this state. It incentivates the imagination and then… magic happens.

↠ Being alone is not something bad, quite the opposite I’d say. While it’s important to find the right balance between the two states, being alone is essential. It moves you to look deep down your mind – even further – your soul and to look for something inside you, something you don’t even know it exists… yet.

↠ You will start to do what you love, because no one else is watching or judging or telling you what to do, so you’ll only hear your heart speaking.

↠ The energy you spend trying to please others will be focused in other directions, leading your mind to release stress.

↠ Finding comfort within your mind is always the first step to get to know yourself better.

Surround yourself with good energy and nice people who will hug you when you need a hug and who will let you go when you’ll need to open your wings. Don’t ever bee fearful of being on your own company, you will always be your best friend. Use your time to think and create, always create. Imagine, enjoy, make mistakes and stand up. Dream big and fight for your dreams, something amazing is waiting at the other side of fear.

“All men’s misfortunes spring from their hatred of being alone.”





16 thoughts on “The Art of Being Alone

  1. You are so right with every single word you wrote. And it is crazy that even when we are alone we don’t take that time to do something for ourselves but we waist it with thinking about what the others are doing and what we might be missing.
    I can’t tell you how much I am looking forward to finding back to my inner peace again during my upcoming trips.

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  2. Beautiful post! I find that I get cranky if I don’t get at least some alone time fairly regularly. I’ve taken to getting up before my husband so I can read, blog, have a coffee…. whatever I need to do. Even for those of us that are extroverts (I am more extrovert and introvert) we need time for stillness and quiet!


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