Midnight Summer

Sitting by the lake, we used to see the sunsets and dream.


When we were sitting by the lake, we didn’t think of anything in particular and the world felt like home, like a safe, kind and beautiful place to live in.

Our barefoot were kissing the cold water from the northern summer nights and we would chat endlessly about nothing and everything. And the world looked so big and we were so small, but it felt good.

How precious is life, how messy our heads and little hearts are. Sometimes I feel big and strong, the kind of person who will change the world. But sometimes I feel small and I forget about the purpose of my life and I feel lonely and I’m lost. And then life gives me something I had never planned before – like those nights when we were sitting by the lake – and then it all makes sense again.


Summer nights and friends and lights and adventures… I had a teacher who used to tell us that a shared joy is double joy. And his words will remain latent within me forever.

“Little reminders for nights when sadness sits on your chest, and worthlessness rattles your bones, you are worth it, sweet soul”.



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