My IKEA Experience

If you follow me on Instagram you’ll know that this last week I have been in Älmhult, Sweden. The reason why I was there is because my friend Sofía and I won the first UPC-IKEA design contest with our recycling modular bins called GRÖN.

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The trip consisted of visiting the central of Ikea in Sweden to get to know the designers and the creators of the products, to see how Ikea works and how they do the prototypes, how they test them, how they develop concepts and ideas… We also had the pleasure to see how passionate they are about their job and how much they believe in the Ikea values.

This trip made me have a whole different perspective about the brand, and seeing such a big company so inmersed in doing a great impact on the environment and on society made my heart smile.


We stayed in the Sjöstugans Camping, and let me tell you it’s one of the most beautiful places ever. It has this stunning lake where we spent all of our evenings enjoying the endless sunsets. We experienced the Midnight Summer, we got inmersed in the culture, we got to know amazing people who were thrilled to tell us about their job, people who are working hard to make things better and that gave us a dose of motivation to keep doing what we love.

It was an intense trip, and despite all the cancelled flights and delays in the airports, it has been an amazing experience overall.


The most important thing I’ve learned here is to work hard for your dreams, nothing is impossible, things take time, life’s good. Working hard doesn’t mean to stop having a life if what you work on is what you are passionate about.

There’s nothing that I want to do more now than to start to work for my dreams. This blog is a little part of it, but I have so many more ideas in my head, now that I have time I can’t wait to do more, to give more and to see what I am capable of. Because sometimes we don’t value ourselves enough. For instance, I would never in a milion years have thought that I would win such an important contest, and here I am happier than ever, with another amazing experience to tell to my grand children. I’ve finished my degree, I have an important achievement to add to my CV and I have something moving inside me, something that tells me that I’m doing fine, that if I seek what I love, I’ll find what I have been looking for.

P.S. I vlogged the whole trip, so check it out on my Youtube chanel if you are interested – I also pictured what I ate as a vegan, so make sure to give it a look! -.

“Most things still remain to be done. A glorious future! – Ingvar Kamprad”





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