Slow Living

As summer is settling around and changing the smell of the wind, we relentlessly wake up from the lethargic winter.

Waking up to the sound of the Hoopoe, the window is still open from the night before. I crawl in bed slothful, covering myself with the warm sheets from the rime of dawn. It feels good amongst the silence.

The sun on my skin: warm golden and sparkly. Freckles on my nose. Barefoot.

Waking up to the conviction that life is starting all over again with summer. I let good thoughts of gratefulness come inside and invade my space. Watermelon for breakfast. Eaten slow, chewing every piece, absorbing the energy and feeling the water hydrate my skin.

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Plans in the air. Timeless time. There’s no urgency, no need to say “right now”. No one will miss you those seconds of stillness, and yet you need them to keep sane your mind. Allow your soul to connect with the time and space you are living right now. Encompass your heart with the beat of the ocean.

When we live slow, we become more connected to the Earth, to people and to ourselves. Slow is the opposite of fast (fast food, fast money, fast time, fast, fast, FAST!) Slow embodies gratitude, connection, sustainability, proximity, love, passion, working hard for what you love, family time, cooking, hanging out with friends, swiming in the deep blue ocean, endless walks, late night talks… QUALITY – always above quantity -.

Living slow is settling priorities, is living a mindful life, is the art of living simply and fully in the present moment. And don’t worry, good things take time.

“Once she stopped rushing through life. She was amazed how much more life she had time for.”


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6 thoughts on “Slow Living

  1. Your last statement it’s more or less the summary of my travels to Australia and it might answer you a little bit more your question. But here is mine question; when you describe summer and what comes along with it ‘Waking up to the conviction that life is starting all over again with summer’, do you think the fact of having seasons it’s important in our lives?

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    1. ahhah yess!! para mi si… la verdad es que en invierno no puedo con mi vida :S no me gusta nada jaja vivo para el verano bueno la primavera y el otoño también me sirven, pero no puedo con el frío!!! Yo me pasaría la vida en chanclas si pudiese 😀 Aunque te reconozco que a veces me apetece pasar un poco de frío y abrigarme con mantas (con una semana al año me vale jeje) Gracias por pasarte por mi blog, me encanta leer el tuyo ❤ un besazo!!


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