My IKEA Experience

If you follow me on Instagram you’ll know that this last week I have been in Älmhult, Sweden. The reason why I was there is because my friend Sofía and I won the first UPC-IKEA design contest with our recycling modular bins called GRÖN. The trip consisted of visiting the central of Ikea in Sweden … More My IKEA Experience

Slow Living

As summer is settling around and changing the smell of the wind, we relentlessly wake up from the lethargic winter. Waking up to the sound of the Hoopoe, the window is still open from the night before. I crawl in bed slothful, covering myself with the warm sheets from the rime of dawn. It feels … More Slow Living

Graduating from Uni

On Friday I sent my final project (which has won an IKEA contest – I’m so proud about it-.) and now I can proudly say I finished uni, forever. It feels surreal, after four years of hard work, of making new friends, of being bored to death, of having fun in class, of endless hours in … More Graduating from Uni

The Energy Around Us

Recently I’ve been really intrigued about this concept of the energy that surrounds us. There are some things that even though we cannot see, they exists. And the energy is one of these things. The world is pure energy, we are energy, our cells are energy. There’s nothing solid in this world, everything is an … More The Energy Around Us