Salty Soul

My life has always been somehow connected to the ocean. My parents, from a very early age, taught me and my siblings to swim in the ocean, to dance with its waves, to go sailing, to enjoy the sun and the salty smell of the breeze, to explore the wild life with googles and flippers, to know the names of the wind and the stars and the islands around us. We would talk about pirates and create maps and hide treasures and eat watermelon under the sun, with our feet in the water.

As a child, I would be hours swimming at the beach or jumping from the boat, playing with my brother, or looking for sea shells in the shore – I actually still do all these things now -.

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The ocean has always been there for me, I’m a hopeless salty soul. The ocean fills me and my spirit, it stirs my heart, my imagination and it paints my life with colors. To me, the ocean, means freedom and happiness and nature and life and summer. It means family and connection. The sea means no shoes, no clothes (just a bikini). It means LIFE in its purest form.

The ocean also inspires my creative side, it helps me to find words to my feelings, it helps me to paint and sing – even tough I’m very bad at this last one-.

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The ocean is pure energy, an infinite resource of positive vibes and healing power, not only for the mind but also for the body. Swimming in the ocean boosts the circulation, the salty water also hidrates the skin and heals wounds. It clears the mind and helps me to forget about what’s going on out there, creating this powerful connection: just me & the sea.

There’s no other place I’d rather be than by the ocean. Swimming by that big, scary, peaceful and deep chaos called ocean.


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