Creating My Own Space

My room is one of my favorite places in the house, not only because it’s mine but also because I get to spend a lot of time in here, doing my homework, sleeping, watching films or talking to friends. It’s a place where I can feel cozy and relaxed and comfortable and, above all: safe. A place where time happens in a different way, where energy flows offbeat.

My room is a place that inspires me, that pushes me to be creative and sometimes it also gets me bored. These walls know me better than anyone else does. It’s a place for memories and dreams and plans. And such an important place has to be special, it has to have something of you that other places can’t replace.

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My room has two cactuses, Phil and Fred, I bought them a year ago and they have grown so much since then. It also has pictures – a lot of them – and paintings made by myself. My room has got fake flowers and a big collage with timeless pictures of people I love. Oh! And there are postcards too. I also have candles and fairylights that help me relax when it’s cold.

My room has a bookshelf, with plenty of books, full of pages that have made me cry and laugh – and yawn sometimes -. I once put some seashells on my desk, to remember the ocean, and some stones, to remember the shore. I also keep some souvenirs from places I’ve been and some others – that I’ve been given- from places I dream. There’s also a little mirror that helps me see reality, and a window to help me see life through.

My room holds all the things I need to be who I am when I am with me, and that’s the best part of it all.

“Your room is a reflection of your heart”



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