The World from Within

I believe we have a garden inside our heads. A huge, beautiful, green garden full of dreams blooming like flowers. Full of bees buzzing around, leading our thoughts from one place to another like crazy.

There’s this orchard in our garden, a little space where we can plant knowledge, creativity, love, madness, resentment, gratitude, sadness or hope.

Every morning we wake up and we walk through our garden while we stretch beneath the snowy cotton sheets. We wander through our imagination smelling the last rays of memory that remain in our heads, latent from the night before, warm like a morning sunshine.

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And at that very moment we have this choice, you know, this choice to water the garden so that our thoughts and cravings can grow stronger, so that our dreams can ripe enough and get the glowy, juicy look they need to be devoured.

And it’s not a hard decision to make, but sometimes we just like to stare at the movements of our garden, we like to smell the love and hear the passion and caress the madness of the air. And we just like to sit on a bench right there, in the middle of our garden, and the bees will keep buzzing: I’d like, I’d love…

And we keep burying our mistakes in the garden, deep down the soil.

And we’ll keep planting seeds of hope.

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And it only takes a few minutes to realize how much your garden has grown during all these years. How far you’ve come. And, you know, it’s time to get out.

Thoughts create reality. Your inner garden will eventually become your external reality if you take the chance and water your orchard every single morning, while you stretch in bed. Don’t sit there staring at what you could be doing, you’ve already done so much. Keep watering your garden, but don’t forget to come back to reality when you are done. Always remember that if you look the right way you will see the whole world is a garden.

Work hard, dream big & keep staying gold.


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6 thoughts on “The World from Within

  1. Wow Anna, this is such a beautiful post! It’s such a lovely way to imagine what’s going on in our head, makes me want to take a little more care with what I choose to water and what I want to plant ❤

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  2. That’s a beautiful post, Anna! I love the picture you painted with your words. It’s great to imagine we have said beautiful, big green garden inside our head that we can nurture with our hopes and dreams, but that it also requires some effort. Amazing thoughts 🙂 ❤

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