A Book to Read: Wild

After reading Into the Wild I became obsessed with the book and the film and the story. A part of me was tremendously shocked and confused and the other part of me was questioning everything and life. By then I was used to only reading fiction novels, stories that weren’t true, that never happened in … More A Book to Read: Wild

Mango Smoothie Bowl

Honestly, one of my favorite things ever to eat is nicecream!! It feels like eating a creamy, delicious ice-cream but with all the goodness, fiber, nutrients and vitamins that fruit can bring us (and it feels a lot lighter on the stomach as well). It’s super nourishing and refreshing, perfect for a summer breakfast. I … More Mango Smoothie Bowl

How to Be a Runner

As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, running is slowly becoming part of my new lifestyle. When 2016 started I made a promise to myself. I wanted to change my life somehow and this year was meant to find new passions that made me feel good and alive. Running is one of them. WHY? Because it … More How to Be a Runner

Salty Soul

My life has always been somehow connected to the ocean. My parents, from a very early age, taught me and my siblings to swim in the ocean, to dance with its waves, to go sailing, to enjoy the sun and the salty smell of the breeze, to explore the wild life with googles and flippers, to know the … More Salty Soul