Making the Connection

Imagine you could live in a compassionate world. Full of healthy and strong people growing endless fields of colorful fruits and veggies. Imagine there was no violence against other species. Imagine we could erradicate obesity and mental health disorders. Imagine we could make a great impact on the environment and reduce the greenhouse effect. Imagine there were enough fields to feed all humanity so that we all could eat in abundance without restrictions. Imagine the air we breath was cleaner. Imagine the ocean was full of life and the Amazon, glowing again without deforestation.

Imagine you could wake up every single day eating the most colorful breakfast on earth and then eat the rainbow for lunch and again for dinner. Imagine we all could do that. Imagine you could have so much energy that you craved moving your body and maybe go for a morning run. Imagine you could feel light like a feather inside.

Imagine you find something new to learn, to be passionate about. Something that makes you start cooking, taking care of what you put inside your body. Because you are what you eat. Why wouldn’t you treat your body every day by eating wholesome plant based foods? Imagine this passion makes this world a better place…

I never thought I would care about all these things until I made the connection inside. I realized that animals need to be killed in order to be eaten. We all know it but we don’t want to see, we decide to ignore in order to be able to eat some nuggets. How selfish is it to kill an animal just so that you can eat your hamburger? How selfish is it to drink the milk of the cows when this milk is supposed to feed their babies? How irrational is to eat the milk of another animal?

And, Oh God! I hate labels, I hate labelling myself. But I’m vegan because I CARE, because I feel the need to take part in this change, in this revolution that eventually will change the world. The way we see it, the way we treat it, the way we live in it.

I sometimes sense that we have turned our back to the world. Somehow we decided we wanted to live in a world of corruption and consumerism, in cities far away from our roots, from nature. But we ARE nature, and we can’t scape from that. This is why I feel infinite when I’m in the ocean or surrounded by mountains and why I feel small and insignificant in my room.

Maybe everything I’ve said sounds crazy or idealistic to you. But I believe in my words, I’ve already made the connection.

Just ask yourself if you are brave enough to question what has been predetermined by society. Are you fearless enough to go against the current? Are you commited enough to ignore others opinions and do what if feels right? Are you ready? Have you made the connection yet?!

Just think about it!

Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter. Martin Luther King jr.


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7 thoughts on “Making the Connection

    1. Oh! I think all of these are legimate reasons… maybe try to watch some documentary with them??! I understand that they are scared, but if you tell them all the reasons and benefits… Maybe you can ask them to try it for a month to see if it works for you!! (Don’t ever stop fighting for what you think it’s the right thing to do ❤ ) Wish you luck xx

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