How to Nurture Happiness

A while ago I promised myself to fight against my fears and my struggles and center all my energy in my mind and body to find a lifestyle that made me happy inside and out. I knew it wasn’t going to be a day to night change, but a slow process that hopefully will help me to change the eyes in which I saw the world (dull & gray).

To do that I decided to build some solid pillars to focus my life on. Taking care and finding the balance between my Mind, Body & Soul.

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If you don’t find the light in others, be the light. Be that warm hearted person you’ve always admired, be humble, be smiley, be the one that looks the world with bright eyes. Be love, be emotions, be vulnerable. Be yourself.

Believe it. Believe that you can, that what you have to say it’s important, someone wants to hear it. Someone out there needs what you have to give.

Be an enthusiast. If you are interested in something, go for it, hug it, embrace it, work hard for it. And never stop trying your best.

Don’t waste time on others dreams, build yours and trust your own instinct. Your voice inside is smarter than you think.


Work out. Move your body. Run, hike, swim, dance. Anything that you want to do, stand up and do it.

Eat greens. Just stuff them in your face, eat until you can’t eat anymore. Enjoy every bite of pure energy that comes from the earth. You don’t need to hurt another being just to feed yourself, plus, being healthy feels so good!

Sleep enough. Sleeping is not only a regenerative process for your body but also super important for your mind. I always find that after a good sleep I can see things clearer than the night before.

Keep your feet on the ground. Walk barefoot, hug trees, talk to animals, water plants. Be in contact with your roots.

Go outside and enjoy life as it is. Raw and simple.

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Create. If there’s something that fills up my soul it’s to be creative. It doesn’t matter if it’s pretty or ugly or good or bad. It just has to be something that you wanted to make at that time and that filled up your soul when the idea came to your mind.

Travel. See other places, meet other people. There’s so much more to see outside your comfy walls. We only have one life and we are never going to be as young as we are tonight. So let’s travel the world with an open mind and an open heart.

Find inspiration. In others, in books, in films, in quotes, in pictures. Educate yourself. Read, read, read.

Love. The people next to you, your family, your friends. Make sure they know you appreciate them as much as you do. And be grateful to have them around.

P.S. These are some things I’ve been thinking for a while. Things that I try to consider every day when I wake up and every night when I go to sleep. Happiness is not something to reach, but a way to travel. I think that if you believe in the beauty of life, life can be more beautiful than you can ever imagine. But if you don’t believe in your words, the world will never be as bright as I am telling you now.

“Travel light, live light, spread light, be the light – Yogi Bhajan”


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