My Capsule Wardrobe · Summer

I’ve been thinking about this concept for a while. A Capsule Wardrobe is basically a mini wardrobe made up of really versatile pieces of clothing that you absolutely love and never get tired of wearing. It stands for the concept “Buy less, choose well”.

The fun part comes when all these items can be interchangeable so that you can maximize the number of outfits that you can create.

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TIPS for creating a Capsule Wardrobe:

#1. Choose a color scheme that you love and that goes with everything. White, beige or grey are good options for the summer.

#2. You can never go wrong with classic shapes and patterns.

#3. Quality over quantity. Consider spending more money on the items, since there are going to be less amount of pieces.

#4. Choose the ethical side. Try to buy everything from shops that you know that minimize their impact on the envirnonment or that make something beneficial for the community.

#5. Cotton. My mum is a big fan of cotton, and only now I understand why. If you want to feel fresh and comfy, try to buy all your tees in organic cotton, that will make a difference.

Once we know the theory it’s time to take action. I took advantage of the change of weather to sort out my wardrobe and find my key pieces that I know I’m gonna be loving this summer. Here’s my list:



Lately I’ve been obsessed with these. I just love this old school/naive/eco look they give me. And they are super versatile. I’m a bit lazy when it comes to getting dressed in the morings, so these are perfect for me.


Again, a pair of denim basics. Again, a bit from the old school. Again, love it. They are a bit more loose than the regular jeans I’d wear. And they are also high waisted, which is very important because I don’t like to wear non high waisted trousers/skirts. I feel that high waisted pieces are a lot more comfortable and look super cute and kinda vintage.


Can’t live without them! I like them to be either very loose and comfy (made of cotton, of course) or high waisted and tight (big surprise here).

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Some people hate stripes, some others love it. I’m from the second group. I LOVE, love stripes. I think they look super chic and minimal and perfect to pair with denim (see the combination game here?)


If I’m not wearing a very loose tee, I will probably wear a very tight cropped top. Sounds like the opposite, but I don’t really like to stay in the middle. Cropped tops look amazing with high waisted trousers, hence why I love them!


I like big cozy jumpers that look like they are not my size (ops hehe).


I gotta love dresses, since I’m a lazy morning person. And indeed I do. I don’t care if they are long or short or floral or plain… I just love dresses.


UGLY SHOES (Birkenstock style)//

Last year I bought a pair of these (imitation), and I can never stop wearing them. They are super comfy and look good on everything (maybe because they are ugly… they look ugly on everything and that makes it look good?)


I’ve never been a heel person, I like heels but I never find the right time to wear them. So platforms are my go to when it comes to finding shoes that I love!

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Summer comes and that means that I start wearing accessories (I never do in winter because they feel cold on my skin, and I hate that). My favorite accessories are rings, I like to buy them in street markets!


When it’s hot outside, the least thing you want to do is wear a bra. So I find that bralettes are the perfect solution. Plus, they look super cute!


Of course, the last but not least piece of the list. I love bikinis to the point where when it’s very hot I don’t even try to wear underwear and just wear my bikinis… A good option to combine them is to buy bottoms and tops separately, so you can combine them however you like.

“Clothes aren’t going to change the world, the women who wear them will”



15 thoughts on “My Capsule Wardrobe · Summer

  1. Great post! I have recently become obsessed with dungarees (or overalls as we call them in Canada). They seem like such a simple, comfortable piece that can really be worn with any kind of top and add a bit more appeal than just a t-shirt and shorts

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    1. hahah yeah sorry I never know how to call them… :S In Spain we call them peto hehe so I’m very confused as why in english everyone calls it in a different way!! I agree they are so comfy and I’m so lazy that I know it’s all I’m gonna be wearing this summer, plus denim always goes with everything 😀 Thanks for reading and for the lovely comment! Have a nice day xx

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