The Essence of Spring

Spring is here, I can feel it in my bones, and smell it in the air. The city smells of blossoms, the environment has changed. There’s no more silence in the streets, no more clouds in the sky. The sun starts shining; endless hours of daylight. And we are slowly letting the long hot awaited days come in and invade our space, fill our hearts and fulfill our souls.

As summer is around the corner, my desire to do things, go on adventures and be creative increases and so I decided to enjoy every bit of this new season that always brings me joy and renewed inspiration.

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I woke up this morning and went on a run, because that’s what I crave now in the mornings. I just want to live simpler, by the tiny little things. Appreciate the dusty rays of sun coming through the window when I’m in bed, the soft sheets and my messy hair. I want to listen to old songs while singing all the lyrics. I want to overflow with happiness and passion. I want to nourish my thirst for adventure and wanderlust. I want to wear dungarees and messy buns while eating watermelon under a palm tree. I want to paint and write and read and flow and thrive on a lifestyle that makes me feel happy inside.

Do you wanna leave soon?

No, I want enough time to be in love

with everything.

– From the poem Bygones by Marina Keegan (Make sure to read her work, she was a beautiful young and inspiring soul)-



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