The River Moving Inside

When you do things

from your soul,

you feel a river moving in you,

a Joy. – Rumi

This quote speaks so much truth. I love the feeling that inspiration and passion leave inside me once they have done their magic. And yet this feeling of exactly understanding why I am here, in this world, is ephemeral and just lasts for a few moments. It can be for hours or days but also for seconds, which is kind of annoying. But it’s life.

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Lately I haven’t been thinking that much, and since I am an overthinker I’m going to suppose that is something good and it means that I am relaxed. Sometimes too relaxed since I have a lot of things to do before closing another chapter of my life (the Uni chapter). But, oh well! I’ll figure out how to get out of this one, as I’ve always done.

I always manage to do things in time, to do homework, to study… and all of this, procrastinating loads. I always set goals to be more productive but, to be honest, I forget about these goals the same day I set them.

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So, back to closing chapters, I have two months of working hard and then I’ll have my whole life free, for myself. To do whatever I want to do with it. Sounds good. It’s scary. I could do a master and continue with this educational wheel that I’ve been rolling since I was born, but honestly, I don’t feel like spending money that I don’t own nor I want to lock myself in to study two more years. Never say never, but at least not now.

When I was a little girl I thought that by the time I had eighteen I would have my life sorted out. I would know exactly what to do and how to do it. Now I realize that the majority of us never know exactly what we are doing in this world. And we are just wanderers waiting for something, some kind of magical signal that tells us our mission in this world.

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This is why I find it so important to follow your bliss and make decisions by heart. Because when you finally find something that fills your heart with joy, when you can no longer call your job a job because it has turned into your passion, then it’s when you feel that river moving inside you. And you don’t need to be waiting for devine signals, because you are too busy enjoying life at it’s finest.

That’s the state I aspire to reach in the end. What’s yours?

Keep Dreaming x.



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