In the Mountains, Together

Last week I was in the mountains celebrating Easter with my family. I feel so lucky to be able to spend so many time with them. We are a very large family so it’s hard to be all together at the same time. Thankfully my grandad is the kindest person in the world, so he always takes care that we can spend some time together.

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You all know by now my unconditional love for the sea, but there’s also, very hidden inside my heart, a little space for the mountains too. This feeling of being surrounded by nature, breathing fresh air, walking and talking endlessly for hours until you get to the top of the mountain, the snow, the clouds…

Perhaps what makes me crave the mountains sometimes is this power they have to make me forget about what I’ve left behind in the city or maybe this constant contact with the people who love me. Watching films, cooking, talking, chilling out and hanging around together. I know these moments will remain in my memory forever, no matter what happens. And when we no longer can be together, because I know that will happen at some point, I’ll always come back to the pictures, the memories and the videos I made. And I’ll smile and I’ll feel lucky again.

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Connecting with the world is awesome, I’m craving adventure. But it’s important to never lose sight of the shore, to never forget where your roots come from, to always remember where is the people who will stand up for you whatever happens. Never forget that. Home is not a tangible place, but a fiction spot where love resides.

P.S. I vlogged my holidays, make sure to subscribe to my YouTube chanel to see my last video.

Spread the love x.


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