Midnight Reflections

Have you ever had this feeling that you are going to explode? As if a balloon was getting bigger inside your chest and you can’t even understand where all this excitement comes from. Something big, bigger than yourself, some kind of super power, a passion growing inside you. This hunger of doing things, the cravings for adventures, dreams and life. This insanely calling to be where I am not, this thirst to explore and experience and fail and succeed. This urge for things to happen now, right now, I can’t even wait for two seconds.

The other day this balloon was growing inside me, I couldn’t sleep, I was way too excited for nothing in particurar and everything in general. Life excites me, the future excites me, my plans excite me!! And sometimes I get frustrated, I feel like all my energy gets lost in the mundane moments of my little existence. But the feeling remains latent within me, waiting for the right moment to burst.

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Lately I’ve been feeling good, so good and with so much energy that I feel this balloon is going to explode at any moment!! Of course I don’t feel this way all the time. I actually can feel very depressed sometimes, like everything I do is useless and I have no purpose in life rather than passively exist conforming with what I have or I do. And when I feel this way the best remedy is to watch a film and go to sleep because this world doesn’t need me at that time.

This world needs dreamers, passionate people who want to change things, people who want to improve, be better, conciously, sustainably. Earthlings who love this planet as much as their own life, people who appreciate a sunset, people who dream about the stars, people who believe in humanity. We can change so many things by doing little acts in our every day lifes. And yet if you don’t feel that you are one of these people, you still can change, you still can be one of them. Just make sure to do what you love while respecting others, because there’s place for everyone here and life is too short to waste time not having fun!!

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So I had this vision of myself, of where I want to be. I have this mental list of goals, of achievements that I will eventually reach, because I’m determined to, because nothing will ever stop me, because that’s what I am here for. I am starting to see what gets me awake at night, what makes me dream during the day. My brain never stops.

Life is beautiful, more than I had ever imagined. Because reality always beats fiction and this world never fails to surprise me for good and for bad.

Close your eyes and imagine yourself in that place where you’d rather be. Then, go. And make sure nothing and no one will ever stop you from getting there. Because when you’ll get there you’ll see how a dream looks like and you’ll know everything you had this fear of leaving behind, wasn’t even that crucial.

“I like the smell of earth, the touch of waves, the taste of berries, the sight of trees, the sound of laughter and the feeling of being fully alive” Hannah Nicole.

Keep Shining & Dreaming & Loving & Caring

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