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Hey guys!! As you all know I’m from Barcelona. I love my city and I feel so blessed and lucky to live here. I can’t even express it with words how much I love this place. It’s the clima, the people, the food, the culture, the history, the architecture, the language, the beach, the mountain; it’s the magic of BARCELONA. This city is just everything I could ask for!!! And it will always have a special place in my heart.

Having lived here all my  life and since I love taking pictures and going on adventures, I’ve discovered some cool places that I wanted to share with you. Are you ready? Let’s go!!


So, if you want to come and visit Barcelona for a few days I’d recomend you to come in Spring or Autumn. Summers are too hot and winters kinda cold (not too much, but you know I’m a summer girl). If I had to choose, Spring is my favorite one by far!! The environment is just magical and cheerful and beautiful in general. And if you can make it by the 23 rd of April you’ll thank me later, it’s one of my favorite days of the year!!! Read more here to know why.

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I have so many favorite places that this post would be endless… but here are my top 5 things I think you should do if you come.

TIBIDABO hill / Some people don’t like the idea to go to the mountain because they all have come to see the beach (Massive Error), that’s fine if you want to miss out on the most beautiful views of the city… This place is just amazing and there’s a little amusement park (but just for children). You can also go to have a walk (or a run) in la Carretera de les Aigües. I promise you won’t regret it!

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PARC GÜELL / One of the most beautiful modernist places and my favorite work of Gaudí. Unfortunately, due to the massification of tourists, you will have to book some tickets (even if you live here, so I haven’t been in this park for more than five years 😦 but it’s still one of my favorite places ever).

SITGES / I’m not a massive fan of Barcelona’s beaches, especially in summer (there are too many tourists). So I’d recommend you to catch the train and go to Sitges, a little pintoresque town 30 min. away from the city. If you like museums, you’ll find there el Cau Ferrat, the house-museum of Santiago Rusiñol (a famous catalan artist).

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BÚNKERS del CARMEL / These anti-aircraft bunkers where built during the Civil War in 1937 and now, the ruins, have become a free open space with the most amazing views of the city. Definitely a must see (I’d recommend you to go on the sunset). I went the other day and vlogged it, you can see it here!

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MONTJUÏC / A beautifull hill, again with some amazing views of the city. There’s a castle and a beautiful botanic garden with cactus from all around the world!! Also, there’s an amazing environment there!

And of course… buy a city guide and get lost in the local parks (Ciutadella parc), the markets, the gothic quarter, the beaches, la Sagrada Familia, la Pedrera, el Camp Nou… there are SO many things to do here!!


FLAX & KALE / It’s impossible to go there and not fall in love with the place, it’s cutest restaurant ever. They offer a Flexitarian menu (with plenty of vegan options) that it’s to die for!! A must try.

GREEN & BERRY / A very cute place with amazing vegan food!! Check it out.

LA BOQUERIA / The typical market, set in the heart of the city, in las Ramblas. You’ll find delicious juices and exotic fruits!!

Hope you liked this quick tour through my city!!! And make sure to subscribe to my Youtube chanel to see what I’m up to!! Hope  you have a lovely Sunday.




24 thoughts on “My Barcelona · Top Places

  1. Thanks for making me miss Barcelona!! If only I could go back, I would visit all the wondrous locations I missed. Luckily, when I visited last year, I saw and did enough to know that it truly is a magical city. I was there for San Jordi, which only made walking on the Ramblas more interesting, and I adored Ciutadella and Guell parks. I especially miss my pen pal, but that’s a whole other story! (Plus Barcelona reminds me of when I forced myself to eat meat for a week after being veg for a few months, because I didn’t want to force my hosts to cook differently: it’s what ultimately disgusted me of meat. As of April 24th of last year, the day I got back, I haven’t had a bite of meat! So Barcelona really represents a whole mindset and lots of introspection for me)
    Marianne X

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    1. Aww thanks for such a lovely comment ❤ So glad you had a good time here!! And so glad you went back to not eating meat again :S St Jordi can be stressful but idk I just love it, there's so much love around that day!! Have a lovely day cutie ❤ hope you come back some day!! xx


  2. Barcelona is beautiful! I went there in October for a couple of days and I absolutely loved it! I went to Búnkers del Carmel and I was so in love with the view, it was definitely one of my favorite places!

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