Vegan Pancakes · 3 Ingredients

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Pancakes are usually seen as something unhealthy that one should only eat as a treat. The truth is that I’m amazed at how bad we (as humans) have managed some issues. Where does this mania of adding unnecessary nasty ingredients come from? For instance, why do we have to put refined sugars to everything? Literally, everything!! Why? And why do we think it’s the normal thing to do? Why do we have to put cow milk everywhere? Do people know that there are a hundred of other alternatives? Can someone just explain me why is this thing that we have that we want to make everything unhealthy?! And then I tell people I eat 5 apples and they are concerned about the amount of sugar I’m taking… I know, crazy!

To show you that food DOESN’T have to be unhealthy to be good, I wanted to share this super easy recipe with you!! I used 3 simple wholesome ingredients, but you can get creative, this is just the base!!

Oh! Also, of course, these pancakes won’t have the eggy taste they usually have. I’m not trying to simulate the real taste of American pancakes. When you decide to join a plant-based diet, you can’t pretend that the food you are consuming will have the same taste as the animal-based food, it just doesn’t work like this. There will be some different (but still insanely delicious) flavors. It just takes some time to get used to them, and I promise once you have been plant-based for a while it grosses you out just the idea to eat animal products ever again. Try it and get your own conclusions!!!

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1 ripe banana

1/2  cup of almond milk (or any plant-based milk that you like)

50 g of oats

*Optional: Vanilla extract, flax seeds, blueberries, maple syrup, agave nectar, almonds…


Blend all the ingredients together until you get a creamy consistency. You can add more milk if you desire to make a crêpe (thin pancake).

Place a non-stick pan in the heat for five min. until it’s super hot, and then add the dough with a spoon. Wait one min. and flip the pancake. Wait another min. and serve.

Put some strawberries, bananas, maple syrup, marmalade, blueberries, hot chocolate… just get creative and enjoy a healthy easy-peasy brunch!!!

P.S. And, as always, don’t forget to check out my Ebook with +40 Plant Based Mediterranean Plant-Based Vegan recipes!!

Enjoy this beautiful Sunday!!

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29 thoughts on “Vegan Pancakes · 3 Ingredients

  1. these sounds delicious!!! 😉 and I totally agree with you, adding sugars to everything is insane! although I do add sugar to some baked goods… but not every single time and it’s a dessert/treat ha! not something I eat on a daily basis! I agree though I don’t know why so many un-necessary things are added and WHY people think it’s “normal”… anyways I totally need to try these I have not had pancakes in forever!

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  2. Paaancakeessss oh yeah my fav! Thank you and I know I might have told you this before but.. your skills at taking photos is just …amazing!! Sending you much love ❤

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  3. Anna really good sentiment around making the effort to adjust your tastebuds. I make my own ice cream with yoghurt and bananas and of course it’s not like Ben & Jerrys but without all the sugar I simply can’t justify going back to the store bought variety – and now I’m used to the taste it’s almost as good….

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    1. Yess!!! I love that icecream too 🙂 it’s soo good. I personally think that it’s worth the change of taste for the healthiness and the free guilt of eating an big bowl of ice cream (every day if you want to) hahahha. Thank you for your comment ❤ Have a lovely week xx

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  4. Omg! Perfect timing, saw this when I woke up and have already made it!! So delicious, I’ve been searching for a 3 ingredient vegan pancake (or anything simple). So happy to have found one!!

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  5. When I read the introduction, I was like ‘YES,YES,YES!’, I totally agree with you. Keeping it simple is what I love nowadays. I love the taste of real foods. I don’t like my veggies covered in oil, sauces and other things, I want to taste the real flavour of the vegetables. Some people don’t understand that I chose a apple instead of a chocolate bar, but my taste palette has changed completely after choosing to eat healthy and I love it! Those pancakes look lovely by the way!

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