Why Life is Beautiful

In the stress of every day life, we forget how lucky we are of being alive. Even if there are bad things going on in our lifes at the moment, or if there are a milion things we want to change or be different. We truly are lucky.

So, just in case you were wondering or you have forgotten for a while why this life is beautiful. Here’s a little reminder:

The sun comes out and sets every day. This may seem obvious but: Do we really appreciate it? I’m thankful to know that the sun will come out every day.


Life is full of bright colors. It’s not dull, not gray, not boring. Life is full of adventures, places, people. Choose to discover, choose to get out. Life is full of LIFE! You just have to go out and live it.

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You are unique, and that’s something so fascinating. No one will ever be you, feel what you feel, think what you think. Embrace being different, because that’s the only way of being.

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We have memories. It’s so magical and beautiful to be able to remember certain moments of the past. Being able to remember smells and places and feelings… not all of them, but just the ones that left a mark in our hearts.

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P.S. There are a milion other things why life is beautiful!! Just keep looking around and feel grateful to have them, your day will look brighter.

Oh! Also, I will start posting videos on my YouTube chanel since it’s something I’ve always been passioned about but never found the right way/time to do it. You can check them out here.





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