5 Benefits of Going Vegan

As you may or may not know, I follow a vegan lifestyle. Why? Well, because I’m convinced that it’s the most ethical, healthy, sustainable, compassionate and beautiful way of living. I went vegan some time ago, I don’t even remember the exact day but perhaps two years ago or so… Since then, I’ve been experiencing a lot of changes and benefits that I’d like to share with you.


Okay. So, coming from a bad relationship with food (read this) I never really enjoyed eating, and turning vegan changed this mentality. Now I can’t wait for lunch or dinner. Not in a crazy way but, if two years ago the least thing I wanted to do was to eat, now it’s one of my favorite moments of the day!! Why? Because I can eat the entire rainbow without feeling guilty. I believe that a vegan lifestyle is all about abundance, plant based foods contain less calories than animal based foods which only means good news: eat as much as you want, until you feel full. Also, you know you can’t be eating anything unhealthy coming from plants. So, having a better relationship with food lead me to a positive mentality that I’m still working on. But definitely life looks better now and I feel good, inside and out!!

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I started eating vegan for myself… so selfish, I know. But then I started watching documentaries and my mind went crazy trying to find a logical explanation to all that cruelty that I already knew existed, but decided to ignore. In my brain, it makes no sense to kill the life of a living being so I can eat it its muscles, its liver… MUSCLES!! Why would anyone want to eat that? If we have luscious peaches, bright cherries and sugary bananas?! It really, really, makes no sense in my mind whatsoever. And we are not only talking about the animals but also about the environment.

Knowing you are doing something to change that, to change this planet, this world, our home. Knowing you are doing something good, better. That you are part of something great that’s good for you and the Universe. Knowing all of that, is something so rewarding for my heart. Since being vegan I feel like I can do a positive impact in this world. And all these things make me feel better, be a better person and have some new values to live by in my every day life.


I’ve never really had bad skin. Maybe my skin is better now than five years ago simply because I’m not a teeneager full of hormones… who knows?! But what I really noticed, is a change in my hair. I feel that now is so much healthy and colorful and that makes me so happy, because I used to hate my hair and now I love it, and I’m letting it grow longer. I remember I was so tired with my hair that I decided to cut it short and since then it has grown so much and much more healthy!

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I’ve always been an introvert. There’s nothing wrong with that, I love to spend time on my own. I’ve never liked parties or drinking and that’s fine because I’ve learned not to depend on others to have fun. I do like people though, endless chats with friends, going on adventures together, it’s just a matter of balance. But since going vegan I’ve had this desire to get to know like minded people and this has lead me to talk to people from all around the globe. People who are passioned about something positive that I’m sure someday will change the world. This kind of connections make my heart smile. Even if I have never met them in real life, maybe one day I will, and we will change the world together.


I used to hate running, I’d only do it because I felt like I needed to do some exercise because others said it was important, not because I thought so. But when you have energy, when you have so much energy (the right kind of energy) then you start understanding the feeling. This urge to do sport, to suffer a little bit to feel better in the end (makes no sense but I promise it’s this way). And now I really enjoy my runs. At the moment I’m going almost every day (just when I feel like going though) because when I finish my run (25 min.) the day looks brighter!!

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If you believe in change, make it happen.

P.S. Check out my ebook for some veggie inspiration (with +40 plant based recipes)!!

And don’t forget to keep shining!!




18 thoughts on “5 Benefits of Going Vegan

  1. Looove this post! Mainly because I can relate to it haha Veganism definitely makes you a more compassionate person and boosts your confidence loads plus I love hearing why others have decided to go vegan because I think it opens up deeper conversation, if that makes sense? I’ve only been vegan for about four months now but I can already tell a difference in my energy and it’s starting to have an affect on my skin and hair too! So awesome, you’d think cutting out certain foods would be a sacrifice, but actually you’re saving animals, helping the planet and you get rewarded for it! And It’s amazing the beautiful community that seems to come with it, it’s like a whole different world ❤

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  2. You are so right, loved reading that there are so many things that I expierenced too, especially about wanting to get connected with like-minded people. Before I never wanted to talk or do things with people, but I am so grateful for all the beautiful conversations and interactions I experienced when going vegan and get connected through social-media. If I ever get the chance, we should totally meet! Much love to you, Anna.


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