White Moments

If I could capture the essence of a winter moment, and put it in a perfume bottle to carry around with me, that would be, with any doubt, the snow falling and covering the mountains of white dust. You  know, I’m not a big fan of the winter season, the days are usually dull and cold. But then the miracle happens, snow starts falling and everything changes. I used to only like summer or spring but now I’m learning to love every season as it is!! I just love to see how everything changes with time, how after the sun, it comes the snow and then the flowers… and the sun again. It’s like when you are at home, saying that you want to leave, and then you go away and you can only think about coming back!!! I do miss the flowers and the sun, but when they will come back, because they always do, I’ll be thankful for that and I’ll miss them again when they are gone.

So, now that I’ve reconciled with winter, let me tell you that when it’s snowing my favorite thing that I like to do is to stay half an hour in front of the window mesmerized. It’s like sunsets, no matter how many times in my life I’ve seen the snow falling, I keep feeling overwhelmed. And then, after that, my second favorite thing to do is to go out and soak up the moment.


So, after many years of white Christmases, this is how I’ve learned to enjoy a cold white moment! 


You’ll notice a different smell. A mixture of wood and cold and smoke, from the fireplaces, and clenaliness. When you take deep breaths, your lungs get filled with pure air and your mind finds calm and serenity. Brething is the first step to find inner peace, so take it slow.


When you start loving what you have, no matter how good or bad is it. How perfect or imperfect. How better or how worse than others. When you stop caring about the negative stuff and instead, you focus on the highlights. It’s then when you start loving and appreciating your life and respecting your own self and what surrounds you. Remember that there will never be too much love.

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Nature has a healing power. Will I ever get tired of saying this? No. Because that’s true. And I used to spend all my Saturday afternoons stucked in a shopping mall trying to choose between the white or the red top when, in the end, that’s not what really matters. Allow yourself to absorbe the recharged, good, positive energy that the universe has to offer, and you’ll get what I mean.


When I walk or run, my mind goes crazy! There are so many things to think about that my neurons get excited and jump insatiable from one thought to another. Moving makes our brain more active. Oh! and helps our body to keep warm in the cold weather.

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I just feel that when I’m in the city, at home, I miss out on so many things. For example, I never know exactly at what time the sun goes down or sometimes I  just don’t even know if there’s sun at all, or rain (that happens if I have a lot of work to do). And as much as I love to do things, to keep myself working, I can’t help but feeling trapped within four walls. So, it’s in moments like these, when I’m surrounded by nature, that I understand the beauty of life, and the beauty of this world. And all I’ve learned is that this beauty can not be purchased with money.


I don’t know about you, nor about your past or your present. The only thing I know is that I feel grateful and lucky for everything I have and I do. I didn’t use to think this way, but I changed. Because the power to change and feel gratitude is in our minds.

Have a lovely day,



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