Postcards from the Pyrenees

I can’t think of any better start of the year than being in the mountains, surrounded by nature, with my family, hanging out and going on excursions, sitting around the fireplace, talking endlessly, cooking… This is exaclty what I’ve been doing this past week. And even though I’m sad to see it’s over, it feels good!! It feels so good to be back.

As I wrote last year, mountains (and nature in general), have this power to heal, to bring back new positive energy to embrace the New Year. A year that I’m super thrilled to share with you. A New Year to make more memories, to learn, to discover… I’ve been thinking these days about the things I want to achieve and I’ve decided that my theme for this year 2016 is going to be Self-Discovery. But I’ll talk deeply about this in another post. By now I just want to welcome this brand New Year by reminiscing some good moments that it has already given to me.

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I’m forever thankful for everything I have, the people around me, the things I get to do. These days I’ve been waking up to the white sky and the cold snow falling of the clouds like feathers. After opening my eyes I could only feel grateful. And this calmness and positivity is exactly what I want to pursue this year and share it with the world.

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18 thoughts on “Postcards from the Pyrenees

  1. Love this. I feel the same about the mountains, when I visited the Rockies in the Northwest it was absolutely breathtaking. And my resolution for the new year is self-discovery as well! I can’t wait to see how you take it. Hope 2016 goes well for you!

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