01 | A Dose of Motivation

New Years call for new beginnings, new projects & ideas. And this year I’ve decided to embrace my creativity to a whole new level. To do it I needed a place where my imagination could fly, a platform where my creativity had no boundaries. And so I decided to create a little magazine that pretends to be a monthly dose of motivation, hence the name.

An explosion of feelings and thoughts, doodles and recipes, tips, interviews and inspirational stuff and books and music… Pages full of colors, information & stories.

While I absolutely love blogging, my blog is an infinite place and I never get so see a finished result. This magazine, on the other hand, will have a new process every month, it will start and end. This way I can look up at something I can be proud of and something you can enjoy as well.

This first issue is going to be absolutely FREE, because I want you to know what I’m doing, how is going to be and what you can expect every month. Even though it’s going to be free, there’s an option to pay the amount that you desire, if you’d like to support my project. Simply enter the amount that you want to give and press enter.

I’m working really hard on this project. All the pictures and drawings are mine and, of course, I’ve written all the sections of this magazine. So, the next issue will probably have a little cost. The aim is to create something as an extension of my blog. More unique and intimate. A place that you all can have an easy access to, but also something that not everyone will be able to see.



This month is all about snow and winter!! So, get cozy. I talk about my New Year resolutions, music, some inspirational stuff, an scrumptious recipe of a Chai Latte parfait, my vegan pantry, a little guide to veganism (for beginners), some swedish travel tips and many more bits and bobs.

Click here to download this first issue. You’ll get a PDF. with 19 pages that hopefully will bring you some inspiration and encouragement to face this first month of the year with positivism and good energy.

Also, I’d love to hear your opinions and feedback. Feel free to leave a comment on this blog, on my instagram or send me an email telling me your thoughts or what you’d like to see in the next monthly issue.

Hope you all enjoy this first Dose of Motivation. Wish you all a Happy New year 2016 full of happiness and joy!!

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P.S. Just to clarify, I will continue posting regular posts on here. The magazine is just an extra dose 😉




22 thoughts on “01 | A Dose of Motivation

      1. Just finished reading it! You can definitely tell this magazine was based on your personal values and experiences. Which is great because it makes it unique! Did you also do the illustration? So creative!

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      2. Yeah!!! ahhaha I did everything 🙂 I love drawing, it’s one of my passions and with the blog I could not draw or reflect a lot of things that I’ve put in this magazine. This is basically the reason why I do it 😉 Also, THANKS for telling me your thoughts I was very nervous about it!! xx Now I’m working on the second issue and I think I’m getting much better!! I’ll see how it turns out 😀

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  1. OMG Anna that is so amazing, can’t wait to read it. I still remember that I used to make magazines with my friends when I was younger, I absolutely loved it. I hope that you had just as much fun working on this great project. Xxx

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