How to Find Happiness in The New Year

New Years mean new beginnings, new opportunities to bring the best of you, to start again, fresh. To erase bad habits and routines and create new ones, to set goals, to reinvent yourself. Everyone has goals and dreams and NOW you have the chance to make yours come true.

A New Year is like a white book , ready to be written and doodled with exciting stories and adventures. Also, New Years always bring renewed fresh energy to face life with another mindset. So I’ve made a list of tips I’ll try my best to follow in order to bring out the best of me in this New Year 2016.

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We don’t want complications in 2016. Simple things are always easy to solve, easy to confront, easy to manage. To start with simplicity, throw all the toxic things that no longer can be part of your life. It can be material or not. Get rid of them!


Long and short distance. The start of a New Year is the ultimate opportunity to set goals and accomplish them. It’s important not only to think about the things you want to accomplish but also to write them down and re-read the list once in a while.  Also, writing means clearing up your mind, setting priorities and it helps to organize your brain, time and space.

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Embrace the New Year with another perspective. A positive mind will always help to accomplish those goals you set before. Positivity is, for sure, one of the ingredients you need to find real happiness in life, so this is, with no doubt, the right time to start fresh. And no, I’m not talking about pink unicorns flying over the clouds, be realistic. Focus on the strengths and the highlights of your life, of your days, do it step by step!!! Also, be always grateful, honest and true to yourself.


Letting go is probably one of the most difficult yet satisfying things to do. You have to put all your heart in this. Let go the negativity of the previous year, let go bad relationships, fake friends, let go all the bad thoughts that keep telling you that you can’t, let go thinking you are not enough, let go trying to be someone you are not and embrace being yourself, let go thinking your dreams will never come true. Let go, let go, let go…. You already know what you have to let go!!

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Everything I’ve said above is very inspiring, but it will never come true if you just read it and go on with your life. Now it’s time to take action.

Maybe the 1st of January you won’t wake up being a different person, but the aim is to wake up the 31 of December 2016 being a different person, perhaps a better version of yourself.





32 thoughts on “How to Find Happiness in The New Year

    1. I think it’s the most difficult part… because sometimes we just see the negative things as something usual and we don’t make an effort to change them!! Wish you the best in this new year Farrah ❤


  1. Such great advice! Every New Year is a chance to take a step back and realign your life to make you the happiest you can and should be! Love the idea of cleaning and simplifying your life 🙂 I need to do this asap!


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