Christmas Essentials · Details

To me Christmas is all about family and cozyness and watching tv around the fireplace and snow… but there’s this other side of Christmas that I’m unsure whether I like it or not: consumerism.

So, on the positive side, there’s this gift giving to the ones you love, the perfect opportunity to make/buy something for them without expecting anything in return (even though, let’s be honest, we all expect our presents in return…). But it’s always nice to make surprises and, for once, think about the others instead of yourself. Also, the innocence of the little kids waiting for Santa Claus or (like in Spain) the Three Wise Men… I like all these things.

But, apart from this slight positive slot, massive consumerism is in general, a negative thing. So I’ve made a list about some things that you could give as a present instead of going crazy in the shopping mall and just buy the first thing you see in order to get, at last minute, all your shoppings done!!

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So, I know this is a little bit from the old school, but who doesn’t love handwritten letters. Right!?! Me and my friends would do this every year at school and I think it’s such a cute way to make a significant present with little cost. Plus, they look adorabe and festive on the desk, and they remind you every day that there’s someone out there who loves and cares about you.


I made a blog post about my Christmassy Jam Jars, I think they are not only delicious but super cute, and perfect for a present. You can also make cookies or anything that you like. Then, you just wrap it up nicely and ready to go!! Also, a cookbook is always a nice idea. And this leads me to announce you that there’s a 20% dicount code on my cookbook (with more than 40 plant-based vegan recipes) until Christmas day. Check it out!!! CODE: spoonfulchristmas.


So, note that I’m not against buying presents. I’m against getting stressed about it, I’m against about buying a milion useless things. My theory is less is more & quality over quantity.

The most important thing is that the present is made/given with love. If it’s just the first thing that my mum found in the shopping mall I probably won’t like it, I’m much more keen on buying little meaningful presents. Knowing the person is a must, but here is a little list of nice presents that you could be giving (in my opinion and taste). But if you are somehow like me I know you’ll love it ;).

An alphabet letter from Oliver Bonas.

A Yankee Candle, can’t tell you my favorite one because I love all the scents. I just go crazy in the shops smelling all the different candles :S

A geometric terrarium from Urban Outfitters with some mini cactus inside .

A book. My recomendation is: Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert.

I wish you a Merry Christmas!!



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