Festive Morning Routine · Christmas

Waking up has never been easy but it can be a little bit more fun if you follow these steps that I try to follow every morning.


“Good Morning beautiful world. Today is gonna be a great day.”

Open your eyes and read a meaningful quote. That will help you to face the day in a positive way. A good option is to make yourself a little handmade advent calendar with some cute quotes. This always helps me to wake up nicely and with some positive vibes going on in my head and soul.

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Open the windows and let the light and the fresh cold air caress your face. Do not open your phone, not yet. Allow yourself to absorb some quality energy that comes from the air and forget about your daily duties for a few seconds.


Oh Yes!! Christmas music is a must, so let it play. I’ve found a Christmas Playlist with my favorite festive songs. Check it out for some inspiration and let the cozyness of the moment surround you!! I also love to light some spiced scented candles. That makes me feel so much more relaxed.

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The best way to start the day is, with any doubt, drinking a fresh squeezed orange juice. A great source of vitamin C that will keep your immune system ready for the cold weather outside. Also, if you are feeling super lazy and cold, a tea is always a nice option to start the day.

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It’s cold, I know. But there’s nothing more tonificant than washing your face with cold water. And then make some stretchings. Take just 10 min. that will be enough to energize the morning. Lace your fingers together and raise your hands to stretch your arms. After that, you are ready to go to the shower while dancing to the rhythm of music.


Warmness is the most important thing when it comes to winter time. So make sure to put on your comfiest trousers and a cozy jumper. Oh! And don’t forget about socks!!

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So maybe a little porridge with some blueberries and cinnamon would be the best christmassy / wintery option but I just can’t help but eating a big smoothie bowl topped with some fresh fruit, raisins and oats. Either way, make sure you enjoy every bite of it.

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Now you’ve had time for yourself (mind & body) so it’s time to go back to real world. Check your emails, your instagram feed, your whatsapp messages & get back to the routine.

Hope you have an amazing day!!!








21 thoughts on “Festive Morning Routine · Christmas

  1. Oh Anna, this is such a cute and lovely post!! I love to read such calming and overall positive posts in bed, the pics are on point!
    Lots of love to you xx

    Liked by 1 person

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