Veganism: Why, When, How?!!

After being vegan / plant-based for more than a year now, I think it’s time to talk about it online.

I want to make a lot of posts about this but I just never know how to start, there are so many things to say about this topic that I always end up writing nothing useful. So I’ll start by responding these three basic questions: Why? When? How? And hopefully I’ll get into more detail in future posts!!


So, in my case, everything comes from a very bad relationship with food. I just didn’t enjoy eating really much and it annoyed me that everything was celebrated around food. I’m the kind of person that if I don’t eat in a whole day I can still feel no hunger, so I didn’t have this urge to be eating all the time (pretty weird, I know).

Meat and diary made me feel absolutely gross and always felt so full after eating them. So, as I grew up, I started to learn to listen to my body and slowly cut these foods from my diet and replacing them with fruits and veggies. I liked how these made me feel inside and out, I never felt bloated and I had this sense of cleanliness and purity inside.

So I was this weird kid that didn’t want to eat the majority of the things at parties because they where super processed or they contained meat or diary. I was (and still am) a veggie/health freak and I thought I was the only one. So I learned to be ashamed and insecure about that (cuz that’s not cool, pizza & nuggets are cool) and always afraid of what others would say or think about me. In my mind there was always this constant fight between eating what I really wanted to or what they told me to, just because I wanted to fit in (society…). And I felt so alone in my veggie world…

One day though, I started this blog. A place where I could share not only my thoughts but also the plant-based recipes that I had been trying and experimenting with. And thankfully I found a bunch of veggie freaks, like me, that were interested in my recipes. It was at this point when I started to read blogs with plant-based recipes and this lead me to find people on Instagram and YouTube that inspired me every day. Here is where my whole perspecive started to change.

All these people I found were, unlike me, happy and passioned about their lifestyle. And they were determined to share that with the world. All of them had something in common and that was: veganism.

So hmm veganism is just for hippies… I don’t even like the word… I don’t like to label myself, I just don’t care about labels.


I was living a plant-based life, but I just was doing it for my health. And I’d watch and read all these people and they all would talk about all these documentaries about animals and environment and health.

Veganism is too extreme. Omg I don’t even like to watch documentaries. Okay, I’m gonna watch Cawspiracy, just because it sounds interesting and I’m bored. I don’t really care that much about animals to call myself vegan. Even if I was vegan nothing would change in this world.

So I saw Cawspiracy and then Earthlings and then 101 Reasons to go Vegan and then I couldn’t stop and I watched Gary Yourofsky’s best speech ever and then I didn’t have enough so I started reading everything I found about it. And then I made a choice and, let me tell you, there’s no way I’m going back.

So here are the reasons why I think you should consider going vegan (if you are not already):

DO IT: for your HEALTH. Eating a plant-based diet is the healthiest way to live and, in my opinion, far away from being restrictive. You just have to open your mind and soul. Explore and find out how many delicious stuff you can eat and how amazing  you’ll feel after eating. Even if you are not interested in health, there’s vegan junk food as well (Oreos are vegan. So, there’s no excuse).

DO IT: for the ANIMALS. I’m not the biggest animal lover, I’ve never been and I’ll never be. But watching all those documentaries opened my eyes. If there’s something that I cannot stand is violence, and watching what we are doing to those animals in the slaughter houses hurts, A LOT. I couldn’t even see some parts of the documentaries because I had to look away from the screen. It’s a matter of compassion.

DO IT: for the EARTH & HUMANITY. The amount of water needed to make just one hamburger is absolutely ridiculous. It’s just not sustainable. Eating animal products contributes to deforestation and the malnutriton of civilisations that don’t have our privileges. We are growing soy to feed animals instead of using this land to actually feed humans.

And the list goes on…

What I’ve just told you is nothing, there are so many more terrifying examples. And the worst part is that it’s nothing new. It’s just an evidence that everyone knows and a lot of people want to ignore. Maybe because they are afraid of change, maybe because they don’t want to accept that they have been living in a lie for so long… who knows?!


This question is the easiest to answer for me, because eating a plant-based diet is something I chose by myself, without knowing all these things I mentioned above (actually knowing them, but ignoring).

So I’d say start by watching all those documentaries and finding out the raw reality, as it is. Then take your own conclusions and, if you, like me and so many others, feel like you need to change your lifestyle in order to live in a better place, then I’m sure you’ll find the right way to do it by living the best version of yourself. Research and passion will lead you.

When you are living the best version of yourself, you inspire others to live the best version of themselves.

So now. What about now?! I’ve had this desire to learn more and more about veganism. Something I never thought I’d be passioned about. Now I feel happy and feel no shame to talk about it. I’ve educated myself and I’m living the life I want by being consistent in my actions. Knowing I’m doing the best for me and for the world feels amazing and I want you to feel amazing too, so I’m determined to share as much as I can. I’m not preachy. I do believe everyone has to do what they feel inside. But I feel incredibly thankful, I’m much more positive and I’ve  finally find something that’s worth living by. Something that makes sense. I’ve started to do more exercise, I’ve started to think a lot more deeply about life and what I want to be and happiness…, I don’t even care that much about the material stuff. I don’t know if everything comes from veganism but it definitely helped me to re-build my scale of values.

I think veganism is a new revolution and, for the first time, a trend that is worth following.

Make your research, follow your heart and don’t forget to stay true to yourself… Always.

P.S. Let me know if you are interested in veganism? If you want me to talk more about it? Are you vegan? I’d love to hear your stories!!




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28 thoughts on “Veganism: Why, When, How?!!

  1. I’ve been vegan since last October, I went o a vegan cafe for the first time and the food was amazing! I heard of Cowspiracy, I think that was particularly popular at the time, and to be honest, with my believing that humans are equal to animals, as in, we should have no right over them, then veganism just seemed like a natural step, I knew if I watched the documentary, I’d definitely go vegan, so really, I didnt need to watch it! I’m still learning just how much help a vegan diet is the the world, its incredible ❤

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  2. OH MY GOD I LOVE THIS. Such an amazing beginners guide to vegan post: informative, inspiring, and thorough. As a vegan myself, I love seeing other fellow vegans doing their thing and loving it. There is nothing better than seeing compassionate people following what makes them feel good. Health is such an important aspect of happiness that so many people neglect. I am incredibly passionate about the environment (vegan for the environment/ethical reasons), and seeing its destruction breaks my heart. Such a beautiful post, love it!

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    1. awww thank you sooo much. I’m every day more and more in love with this lifestyle and I just want everyone to know all about it and then they can make their own choice. I started for health reasons but now I made it ethical because that’s what my heart tells me is the right thing to do. Hopefully I’ll be making more posts like this to inspire others 🙂 thanks for your lovely comment! It always makes me happy to hear about other people like minded ❤ I know we can make this world a better place 😀


  3. Veganism is very interesting to me, it requires lots of discipline, but all the vegans I know seem to be very very happy, and not hungry contrary to popular belief haha.
    My mom is a vegetarian, and wants to become a vegan at some point, so I’ll show her your post!

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  4. I loved this post! I became vegetarian almost a year ago completely by choice. People always ask me why?? and although I know what my reasons are, I always get nervous and don’t really know what to say because I feel like if I can’t spit out tons of facts about why it’s healthier and how it’s better for the world and environment, then my reasons somehow aren’t good enough. I never realized how different I would feel from other people by becoming vegetarian. I’ve been wanting to educate myself and watch documentaries so I can be more confident in my choices. Thank you for the suggestions! I know what I’ll be doing during winter break 🙂

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    1. Aww thanks Tina for sharing your thoughts!! It makes me so happy to see that there’s people who think like me hehe I think that within a time people will become more and more aware about these lifestyles and they will be more accepted!!! This is why I want to spread the message 🙂

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  5. Stuck in your little veggie world… that killed me! I guess my story’s the opposite in a way. I used to be the biggest lover of junk food ever. I mean I still love fries and (veggie) burgers and all (coconut) ice cream, but at least I don’t eat myself sick like i did as a kid. My parents thought I was a hopeless case, because I refused to touch vegetables or fruit, and at some point, they abandoned. However as I was going into teenage years (13 ish) I felt very self conscious about my body (which is a horrible way to start anything, but I’m thankful for what I learnt in the end) and decided to stop drinking pop, to eat less desserts, to restrict how much I ate and to eat better in general. I lost about 30 lbs, and my doctor was worried I was anorexic, but I was far from that (I still appreciated food and never skipped meals). From there, I just headed on with a “healthier” diet, still including meat, dairy and eggs, but with more veggies than before. One thing I forgot to mention is I’ve always considered myself an environmentalist, but until last winter, I limited that to things like taking short showers, walking rather than driving and recycling. Then I started to see the rise of veganism on social media (Niomi Smart, Jack Harries, Ella Grace Denton, even Paul Mccartney because I’m such a Beatles fan!) and got curious, so I tried being vegan for a week, out of nowhere, and documented it on my blog. It was extremely easy for me, actually, because I love improvising in the kitchen, and I’d already slowed down my meat consumption a little bit. I thought “ya, I could do this” but my parents were’t too keen. That’s when I decided to try out being vegetarian, and I can proudly say I haven’t eaten meat (on purpose… I accidentally had pepperoni pizza because the meat was hidden under the cheese. I gagged.) since April and I most definitely am not going back. Since then, I’ve been following more and more vegans on Bloglovin’, Instagram, Youtube, etc. and I’ve watched a few documentaries, and I’m really trying to be vegan. Basically, when I eat at home, I’m vegan. Even if my family’s eating eggs or dairy, I eat vegan (because I have to make a vegetarian meal for myself anyways, so may as well make an extra effort!). However at birthday parties or restaurants, other than meat, I’ll take whatever’s available. Ooh, also, my cinema teacher always feeds us cookies and even though they’re not vegan it really is quite hard to resist (but a girl in my class is lactose and egg intolerant so I might buy some snacks “for her” and eat half of them!).

    Anyways, there’s my rant (you asked for it!)

    XX Marianne

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    1. haha yeesss I asked for it and I loooved reading your story Marianne!!! Be proud that you are doing your best. I think if you are proud and passioned about what you are doing then you are going the right way ❤ Hope you have an amazing day xx


  6. Great post! I have been a vegan for nearly 3 years now and will never look back! Like you said, there really isn’t any reason not to be, in fact at some point the whole world will have to become vegan just to save the planet and the human race! Why not do it now and help the animals, the world and your health 🙂

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  7. I´ve been vegan from time to time, well I try to be it most of the time, but I get, like you, a lot of harsh criticism. From people who are close to me and who care about me and my health, but who just don´t know enough.
    Therefore I´ve decided to write an essay on it so right now I´m reading a lot (if you have any good scientific books about veganism, please let me know!). I want this piece of writing to be neutral, to let both critics and vegans speak. It´s quite interesting, because the points you said are very very strong and there are only a few “reasons” that speak against going vegan and that is “protein-deficiency” (although I don´t really believe in it, but that´s the biggest point I get pointed out all the time) and B12 deficiency. I hope to learn a lot through this project and make my own opinion. So I think what you´re doing with this post is great! I´d really love to read more!
    This post really was very interesting and you sharing your story really touched me, because as I said, I´m going through a similar process and I hope to be a happy vegan like you someday. So I´d really love to read more about that! XO PS: Who wants to eat meat when you can eat this (your pic-it looks sooo yummy!)


    1. Hey I am in the same boat – eating vegan most of the time but feel scrutinised when bringing it up with people. I recommend Starch Solution/Whole as great books for the health side of things! I feel like I know a lot re: ethics and environmental side of things to do with being a vegan, but the health side effects and also nutrient info are covered quite nicely in both books above 🙂 hope this helps!

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      1. Thanks Julia!!! I had no idea either about any book. These look amazing I’ll check them out for sure 😀 I think that knowing the properties of the food is super interesting and important. 🙂 thanks again for helping each other I just love so much this community ❤ ❤

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    2. Aww thank you so, SO much for this comment!!! Absolutely loved reading your story. I think it’s such a good idea to do this essay, learning is always a good thing ❤ I don't believe in protein deficiency…. all the vegetables out there contain protein and chickpeas and lentils and a lot of grains and seeds too… so I don't think that's a problem. I wish you the best in your journey!! Don't hesitate to tell me if you need something or have any question ❤ I'm sure you'll find your way. Oh! and about the books I have no idea… I read everything online!! I'm thinking about asking one for christmas 🙂 as I can't stop reading about it hahaha xx

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