The Tans Will Fade

The tans will fade indeed, but our memories will last FOREVER.

Summer has gone and now it’s time to sit down, make myself a hot tea and start doing all the things I had in mind in those summer days. Now it’s time for ACTION (and I say it as a self reminder)!!

In summer it’s easy to dream about all the amazing things you’ll be doing next year, for some reason summer makes me turn into a big dreamer. But for the same weird reason autumn makes me want to wrap up in a blanket and not do anything until next summer… which makes no sense but this is how it works (at least in my brain)!!

I guess I’m always seeking for adventure and when it’s time to settle down my brain collapses. So I’ve made a list (I’m always making lists) on all the things I want to accomplish by the end of this year!!

Finish the ebook I’m writing (can’t wait to tell you more about it)!!

Take more pictures (is that even possible?!)

Get a job (I’m on my way through this one)

More recipes please!! (Next week there’s one coming, stay tunned)

Finish all my uni subjects so I only have to do the final project! (Exciting)

Go & visit my best friend (who is far away) cause I miss her!! (Already booked the flight)

Have you made your list? What do you want to accomplish this autumn??!



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21 thoughts on “The Tans Will Fade

      1. thank you so much ❤ me too!!! I actually really love all the seasons it's just that there's not much adventure 😦 hope to talk to you soon!! we still have to organize a foodie meeting in EU hahaha I know a spanish girl who wants to do it in Valencia… 😦 I wish we all were from the same country!!

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      1. I wish my father had to work in Spain again, so I could fly with him. I will ask him, that if he every gets the chance to go, that he has to let me know! Lately I have really been wanting to connect with like-minded people, especially when seeing all these crazy vegan meet-ups on Instagram. Meeting you and other amazing people would be a dream coming true. 🙂 Are you going to Valencia?

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