5 Ways to Boost your Creativity

As a designer and blogger sometimes I find it quite hard to find inspiration and creativity. I associate this as a lack of motivation or because I’ve been stuck in the same place or routine for too long!! Here I’ve made a list on the things that I do to find creativity when I have to write a blog post, create a new design for uni…


These are so important, I’m always looking at pictures. I like to scroll over instagram (@pratsanna), pinterest, tumblr and also like to buy magazines. Anything to see images of people doing different things in different places. As I’ve said before, sometimes you get stuck in the same place and to find motivation and creativity it’s important to see what’s outside your little shell.

Draw / Write

This one is a little bit harder because it implies some will. You just need a white paper and a pencil and the rest comes from the inner part of your brain. Just draw anything you like, anything that comes to your mind at that time. If you are not so talented you can also write it down, sometimes writing helps to clarify ideas!


It happens to me when I have to come up with an idea, that I just can’t think of anything new and then I get stressed because I want to find a solution and the more I think of it the more lost I am. If you are like me: stop thinking and go for a long walk. Forget about your ideas. Go with someone that doesn’t have to do anything with your project. Talk, walk, breathe and forget for some time your homework. When you’ll arrive home start again from scratch!!


Be curious, read, find information, read more about what you are working on. Be interested in the work of the others. I always ask myself how is it possible that we, humans, have ended up inventing aeroplanes and cars and everything and then think: Oh well!!! the first car wasn’t that cool and most of these things are created by a LOT of people and everyone puts a little part of themselves so it actually isn’t that hard I guess.


Flow and follow your dreams and ideas, it might seem ridiculous and crazy at first but don’t ever care about the absurd that it sounds. If you can dream about it then it’s possible. Work on it and never give up!!

DREAM BIG guys!E Everything is possible if you want it enough.

P.S. I know the pictures have nothing to do with the text but I just love them and so I wanted to share them with you!!

Wish you a lovely week



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39 thoughts on “5 Ways to Boost your Creativity

  1. I love this post! It couldn’t have come at a better time, I feel I haven’t physically made something in a while and wanted to start little craft projects more regularly. Disconnecting helps a LOT and I think once I get in the flow of it, that’s it! Gorgeous photos too by the way 🙂

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  2. Such good tips!

    One of my favourite things to do is just take a break and take step back. When you remove yourself from your situation and dive into things that might seem unrelated, like travel, I always find how so many ideas flow into my head without even having to think about it! Sometimes your mind just needs a break so it can work! X

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  3. I sometimes find it so difficult to get creative, but once I get an idea, they just start flowing in. i find myself having to get up in the middle of the night to jot down something I thought of, whether it’s a story, an image…. whatever! Whenever I’m in a bit of a rut, I either turn in towards myself to find inspiration and inner motivation, or outward, by going to museums, reading blogs I love, going on Instagram, talking to people…. my favourite, however, is doing both: going for a long walk along the canal to the gorgeous art gallery my city has been blessed with! That way, I have my own thoughts there and back, and I can process and marvel over other creatives’ ideas while I’m there!
    Also, I will forever be jealous of how you’re seemingly on permanent vacation at the beach! All your photos are so gorgeous!

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    1. Aww it happens the same to me!! I seem to just have ideas in the middle of the night and I’m too lazy to wake up and write them down hehe!!! And thank you so much unfortunately today I start uni 😦 I wish my vacations were permanent hahah ❤


  4. Dear Anna you have put clothes on to the naked thoughts and ideas by writing of them here and you have coloured them with your wonderful photos and views. It’s really easy to accept your clear minds and lifestyle tips because they are in a good order for lighting the heavy load or a merry-go-round thoughts of mine. Creativity is a very strange power that burns inside of us more or less depending on from our passion and good will to show something new or publish it to the others and for getting acceptance of our friends. A little sparks can give us inspirations and strong inspirations can grow to the big ideas. Once you have found your creativity you have a addiction for it and it takes you to stream of insteresting and new lifestyle.

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  5. I loved your ideas! I get a lot of inspiration from looking at pictures, too, but I never would have thought to actually draw anything out. I’m going to try that! Amazing photos, by the way!

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