The ABC for This New Course

Appreciate the changes of this new season!!! I love how the leaves fall, the light of September and the first rains.

Be unique because at the end of the day all we have is us.

Cinco Meses en Uppsala (Five months in Uppsala). The blog you have to follow this new season!! A blog about the experiences of a girl doing an Erasmus in the swedish city!! *written in spanish*

Discover & try new things such as a new sport, a new menu, a new hobbie… everything new is welcome!!!

Eat pretty. Find those foods that bring out the best in you and introduce them into your diet. Grapes and figs are seasonal at the moment.

Fight for your dreams and never give up.

Glow!! Put on a smile and get back to your routine with new goals and expectatives.

Hear your soul and put your heart in everything you do!!

Ideas. Write them down on a notebook, they are one of the most important things that we own. They mark our personality and the character of our dreams.

Jump high and never have fear!! Fear is what makes our dreams never come true.

Know your limits.

Love everything you do, you can never go wrong with that!!

Make changes in order to make the most of this new course. Changes brake the monotony of the years and help us to have more vivid memories.

No excuses.

Ocean!! Hold on this second, this summer; right here, right now. And remember every breath of it. Whenever you are feeling lost go back to this reminiscence.

Passion moves the world, remember that!!

Quotes!! Read them to find positivity and inspiration.

Run: to fortalize your body & mind.

Seventies. Take your inner 70’s mood because this year they are back!! Buy a boho dress and some flares and go out dancing!!

Travel. There’s nothing better than a trip to have a different vision of the world and get back home with more enthusiasm than ever.

Use your reason & your soul to find answers.

Value everything you own and never take it for granted.

Wave goodbye to all those negative aspects of your life, you don’t need them.

XX. Kiss hard.

Yes!! Should be your new favorite word.

Zoom!! Take a deep look into your life & enjoy every second.

Wish you all a happy & nice September



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