YESS!!! It’s been a long while since I don’t post a recipe in here. That doesn’t mean that I haven’t been cooking because this summer I’ve beated records!! Hopefully you’ll soon find out what I’ve been working on. Meanwhile enjoy this easy and super delicious falafel recipe. Ingredients 100 g chickpeas 1 clove of garlic … More Falafel

The Tans Will Fade

The tans will fade indeed, but our memories will last FOREVER. Summer has gone and now it’s time to sit down, make myself a hot tea and start doing all the things I had in mind in those summer days. Now it’s time for ACTION (and I say it as a self reminder)!! In summer it’s … More The Tans Will Fade

First Day Of Autumn

First day of autumn; And here, in Barcelona, summer seems to not want to ever leave. Even though I’m very grateful for that, I have to be honest and confess that I can’t wait to do autumnal things such as cover myself into cozy blankets, drink hot tea, wear tights, socks, long neck jumpers and berry … More First Day Of Autumn

The Clue

I have a lot of plans and dreams going on in my  head!! They all seem impossible by now, but I believe in myself (sometimes more than others) and I believe in time (time puts everything into the right place). Eventually all my dreams will come true if I work enough to get them. Keep … More The Clue