Listen to Your Heart

September is coming faster than I decided and, even though is one of my favorite months, I can’t help but yearn for this summer that has not finished yet (thanks God)!! With September in the next corner, a lot of decisions and indecisions come around. Some of you are going to start school, uni, a new job, a new life; … More Listen to Your Heart

My B&W Summer Dress

I love to have unique pieces of clothing. I love to go to markets and unique stores and buy original things that I know that no one else will have. But at the same time is inevitable that I end up buying at Zara… because let’s say it: we are all obsessed with their clothing and prices!!! … More My B&W Summer Dress

Summer Hair

Let’s talk about hair!!! Summer is the best season of the year but at the same time is the season when the hair gets more damage and so I’ve made a list on the things that I do to mantain my long hair healthy. #1. Before going on holidays I always like to cut the … More Summer Hair

Birthday Celebration

Early on this week I turned 21!! I never like to think that years will change me or my life but this time in particular is different!! This next year I’ll finish University and that’s something big enough to be excited!!! I have nothing planned though, life will take me there with the flow of … More Birthday Celebration

Let’s Count Seconds

I sometimes sense that we don’t really enjoy the PRESENT. Some people because they are thinking about tomorrow, about the week after, about next year & some others because they are stucked in the past. We tend to convince ourselves that next week is going to be more exciting than this one and next month the best … More Let’s Count Seconds


Sundays are for saying good morning, back to sleep again Sundays are for long walks & solitary reads while hearing the pouring rain Sundays are for hot teas & cold smoothies Sundays are for old songs & romantic movies Sundays are for blue jeans & red socks Happy Sunday Anna xx  


Drive with the windows down, because that’s the best way to feel the wind & dream. Dream about what makes you feel alive & do it. With no regrets; because the future belongs to those who believe in their dreams. Keep on Dreaming Anna xx