5 Tips to Stay Positive & Productive this Summer

I’m one of these people who is all the year waiting for summer. I love spring and autumn and sometimes even winter… but; Oh!! Summer is my favorite one.

So, with so much time waiting for the weather to be great, my mind has a lot of time to think, rethink, over think and idealize all the things that I’ll do next summer.

Here is a short list on how to accomplish all the things you dream of during the year and somehow you never end up doing when the time comes!!!

1. Make a list. In order to know exactly what you want (sometimes if you write it down your head clears up a bit). And then comes my favorite part: crossing the things from the list *that’s so satisfying*. Here you can check out my bucket list for this summer.

2. Don’t compare to others. Their instagrams might be awesome but they will probably be as bored as you, so keep that in mind and make the most of your time doing the things you love with people you appreciate.

3. Do something different each day. The best think about summer is that you don’t have to stick to any routine, so take advantage of that. This way your mind will be more active and productive thinking you’ve done so many things in one summer.

4. Eat/drink fruit, water & healthy carbs to be active and hydrated the whole day.

5. Learn how to connect and disconnect. Connect with the world to find inspiration & motivation and disconnect to find your own voice.

“Summer is a state of mind”

P.S. I won’t have Wifi for a long time now, so bear with me!! I’ll keep on posting for sure but it’s going to be a more challenging task!! You can always follow my instagram @pratsanna to know what I’m doing!!



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18 thoughts on “5 Tips to Stay Positive & Productive this Summer

  1. Aghhh lists are the best! I have like four on my desk (The Great Summer 2015 Bucket List, Things to Buy, To Do and Books to Read) and every tim I scratch something off, it’s just the most amazing, satisfying feeling (well don’t I sound creepy). Your pictures are so beautiful and summery! My cousins just landed from France so it’s go go go for two weeks (tomorrow’s a run and beach day with a picnic. Should be good.).
    Marianne 🙂

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  2. love this post but especially what you said about connecting and disconnecting and not comparing yourself to others. I recently read a quote by Tina Fey that says: do your thing and don’t care if they like it, which I wrote on a board in my kitchen and say to myself at least once a day.
    Inma x

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