I’m Ready for Summer

Two weeks of exams and finally, the long awaited holidays, will have arrived. Three eternal months in which the days are anonymous and we, youngsters, hostages of our own freedom.

Freedom to conquer the world, to make our dreams come true.

Summer means time, sun, salt, sand. Summer means relax, creativity. Summer means anything you want it to mean. Because this summer, I don’t have any plans yet, but I’m ready to make the most of it.

I’m ready to walk in the sand.

To feel the caress of the sun on my skin.

I’m ready to create new content for this blog.

Ready to jump in the sea.

I’m ready to eat tons of fruit and make gazpacho.

And I’m ready to have fun and smile.

And you? Are you ready for this summer?!

P.S. I’ve got some good news for you all (I hope). Some weeks ago a reader asked me if I could share some breakfast ideas. So, next week, it’s all going to be about breakfast and I’ll be posting from Monday to Friday!!!

Something I should say more often: Thanks for Reading 😀



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30 thoughts on “I’m Ready for Summer

  1. A little bit jealous! 😉 wishing summer would come back here haha refs looking forward to winter though!
    Make the most of your time off, it’ll be amazing.. I spent half of my summer just watching through all the seasons of Vampire Diaries and I totally wish I hadn’t hahaha especially when I could been outdoors living life to the fullest! 😀
    ps. Can’t wait for the breakfast ideas, very keen!

    Grace x
    ✯More than Exist✯

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