The Garden With Turquoise Doors

You know one of those days where you find yourself walking through the busy streets of the city doing nothing in particular but staring at the people around you? One of those days where the time goes at a different pace, sometimes can be quick, sometimes can be slow.

The day I discovered the garden with turquoise doors, was one of these days. Barcelona was shining and nothing was more appetizing than taking a long walk to the center. Me and my friend started walking and suddenly, without even noticing, we were lost. We weren’t actually lost but we had no idea where we were. So, why stop? We continued walking until we found a little entrance that opened the doors to a beautiful garden full of orange trees and turquoise doors. And, of course, I fell in love with that magical place, hidden in an uncertain point of Barcelona.

Some weeks after, I decided to go back. I took the metro and went to the center to find out that I was unable to remember the exact place where the magic garden was. I started walking and tried to get lost again. But, you know, if you want to get lost you’ll never get lost; thank you Murphy. So I came back home very disappointed.

Thanks God Google Earth exists and I could find that place again, otherwise I think that the garden still would remain hidden amongst the labyrinthine streets of Barcelona.

“Sometimes what you are looking for, comes when you are not looking at all”



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52 thoughts on “The Garden With Turquoise Doors

  1. This is a lovely post. I very much like the tone of your blog. It’s easy to read without being superficial.
    I was in Barcelona just a few weeks ago. I had been before, but never seen the Sagrada Familia. What a wonderful place! We also had a great dinner at La Flauta on the recommendation of a very chatty taxi driver. The seafood was divine!

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  2. LAAAAAAAARVE the outfit (and the blog), the outfit is super cute! I’ve recently started my own blog, would you mind taking a quick look?:)

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