Hey guys!!

Today I was planning to do an outfit post, but yesterday something happened that left me thinking a lot about destiny and fate and I need to get it out of my chest.

In my opinion, I do think that everything happens for a reason. I don’t think it’s written in the stars, but definitely happens for something that you cannot always control. To me life is something like that scene of The Curious Case of Benjamin Button that amazes me every time I watch it. I kind of believe that we make our own decisions but these decisions are conditioned by other people’s choices and, by the same rule, condition other people’s acts/thoughts…

It’s so weird… I somehow like to think that I can change someone’s life by just opening the door at a certain time or by sitting in a particular seat on the train. But that’s scary at the same time, if you think about it.

Fate is like a sun set, it astounds me everytime I think of it.

Tell me about you. Do you believe in fate? Can we change our destiny or it’s predetermined?

P.S. All my thoughts & prayers are with families and friends of those on board 4U9525



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15 thoughts on “Fate

    1. Hello! Nice blog, I love the colors and the pictures my European sis!

      I think that things happen for a reason, and indeed with our actions we can change others people lives especially with random act of kindness. We often are not aware of the good or the pain we cause in this world that’s why we have to walk on this heart with the softest step possible, and we will still make mistakes. That’s how we learn and grow!

      Have a nice Sunday!

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  1. I think the idea of fate and destiny are so beautiful (talkin’ ’bout Nicholas Sparks novel kinda’ fate, haha) and I do believe that everybody has a fate. I don’t think there is one for everyone, I think that it is good and bad (death, love, in sync souls, break ups, life lessons…). I also kinda believe that we make our own fate. That really cute guy that you never have spoken too isn’t going to always just walk up to you and confess his love. Take it into your own hands I think! Haha. This was a lovely and thought provoking post. Thank you for sharing with us.

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  2. “we never know what’s waiting for us in the corner” … I like this sentence but at the same time, I believe we still own our destiny and are able to influence our life to make it better. PS: my thoughts also go for the families of the passengers and crew of that flight ..

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  3. To be honest, the word fate itself is complex to explain but I do agree with you that everything happens for a reason… I guess we are limited in someway that we cannot see the big picture…

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